Historical & Contemporary Documents ~ Childbirth Practices, Medicine & Midwifery

by faithgibson on August 3, 2012

Document Directory for
Historial, Contemporary
and Odd, Interesting,
Rare or Important documents
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# 1 ~ Directory ~ Historical documents –> 18th, 19th and early 20th century





Subdirectory #a ~ original text of Dr. J. Whitridge Williams‘ 1914 book “Twilight Sleep: Simple Discoveries in Painless Childbirth” (links to each chapter, as well a link at the bottom of each chapter leading to the next in the series)

Subdirectory #b ~ Dr. JWW ~ all stand-alone quotes, longer excerpts, essays, and commentaries written by me

#2 ~ Directory ~ contemporary documents on the politics of normal childbirth (1981 to present)

#3 ~ Directory ~ Odd, Interesting, Rare &/or Important documents on Faith’s other websites