A Practitioner Perspective: Traveling Through Time to Normal Birth Faith Gibson, LM, CPM Faith Gibson is a former labor and delivery nurse, a professionally licensed midwife in private practice, and member of the California Medical Board’s Midwifery Advisory Council. Address correspondence to Faith Gibson, LM, CPM, 3889 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto, California 94303, USA. Email […]

Dr. JWW’s story goes on but unfortunately for him, the numbers don’t lie! Generally, American obstetricians were well aware that Sweden had remarkably superior maternal-infant outcomes, so much so that one of the early influential leaders in obstetrical medicine (Dr. George Kosmak) went to Sweden to study their system. When he returned, he recommended that […]

Dr. J. Whitridge Williams’ Little Book & the Pentagon Papers: Part 2-a ~ Intro ~ profound harm introduced by Twilight Sleep & Genera Anesthesia

by faithgibson March 20, 2018

https://tinyurl.com/y8udohl6 In the context of obstetrical history in the United States since the 1914 publication of Dr. J. Whitridge Williams’ little 128-page book {“Twilight Sleep: Simple Discoveries in Painless Childbirth”}, the “behind the scenes” information it reveals is the political equivalent of the Pentagon Papers, in that it shows us what was hidden and why. It’s […]

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Dr. J. Whitridge Williams: part 1-D ~ Selling his odd ideas about childbirth to the public & philanthropists

by faithgibson February 28, 2018

Part1-D Successfully selling the public, childbearing families, local hospitals & philanthropists on the idea of elective hospitalization and routine using Twilight Sleep drugs, general anesthesia, episiotomy, forceps and manual removal of the placenta on healthy women How the profitability of the ‘baby business’ was able to finance a nationwide system of full-service general hospitals and give rise […]

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Dr J. Whitridge Williams: Part 1-C Elective Hospitalization ~ the basic economic unit for engine for America’s private system of hospitals

by faithgibson February 27, 2018

Part 1-C:  Dr. JWW’s invention of elective hospitalization of healthy childbearing women to generate revenue for upgrading and equipping general hospitals  How Dr. J. Whitridge’s Williams’ dream got started When Dr. Williams first graduated from medical school in 1888 he sailed to Europe so he could take clinical training in pathology and obstetrics in some of the […]

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