June 2012

A California licensed midwife emailed me the news that journalist Michelle Goldberg was writing an article for publication on the “home birth debate”. My friend provided the journalist’s email address and suggested that I contact her. Ms. Goldberg is someone I actually know of from the MSNBC week-end news program “UP W/ Chris Hayes“, which I regularly […]


Court-Ordered Care — A Complication of Pregnancy to Avoid Julie D. Cantor, M.D., J.D. N Engl J Med 2012; 366:2237-2240 June 14, 2012 Interview with Dr. Julie Cantor on court-ordered care for pregnant women in the United States. (14:03) Listen Download Samantha Burton was 25 weeks pregnant when her membranes ruptured. Burton’s obstetrician admitted her to […]


Lessons from 1950s cardiology ~ why a non-evidence-based medical practice should never be allowed to become the standard of care

by faithgibson June 21, 2012

This article was first posted on the Canadian Maternity Care Discussion Group (MCDG) by Dr. Michael Klein, professor Emeritus of Family Practice & Pediatrics (University British Columbia) and listmaster of the MCDG. It tells the story of how total, prolonged, flat-on-your-back bed rest became the standard of care for heart attack patients without any scientific evaluation. It seemed ‘so logical’ to […]

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