February 2018

{ Originally posted in 2010 } https://tinyurl.com/ycee9xv7 This is a synopsis of my most important breakthrough in researching the history of obstetrical medicine in the US and its relationship with normal childbirth practices and midwifery in America. I discovered the missing piece of the puzzle in a small book published in 1914 ‘TWILIGHT SLEEP ~ Simple Discoveries in Painless Childbirth“ {original […]

The Obstetrical Standard of Care in the US – Historically irrational, fundamentally flawed As currently configured in the US, the medicalized model makes it virtually impossible for obstetrically-trained birth attendants to use physiologically-based methods. Physiological management is not the ‘customary’ practice of those trained in the surgical specialty of obstetrics and it is not taught […]

The physiological Management of Normal Birth ~ what, how and why Am. hospitals aren’t able to provide such care

by faithgibson February 3, 2018

The physiological management of normal birth has always identified by a consensus of the scientific literature as the safest and most economical form of maternity care for healthy women. It is the one used by those countries with the best maternal-infant outcomes. Stedman’s Medical Dictionary defines physiological as: “..in accord with or characteristic of the […]

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