Women’s Reproductive Rights

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Best Evidence ~ Originally published in 2008, but continues to be of interest as it establishes that the facts have always been available: ~ that the science has always identified physiologically-based care as safer and better for healthy childbearing women with normal term pregnancies than: ~ the routine use of obstetrical interventions, especially the routine […]

Mind The Gap! Finding balance btw physiologically-based mfry & the narrow focus of the interventionist obstetrical system

by faithgibson January 24, 2024

Mind the Gap! We rabble rousers believe that physiologically-based care should be the universal standard for healthy women with normal pregnancies unless the mother herself requests medicalized care. We have worked tirelessly our entire professional life to transform the narrow focus of our interventionist obstetrical system into a broad based maternity care model able to […]

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Identifying the Essential Qualities of Maternity Care ~ Evidence-based policies & plan for action

by faithgibson January 23, 2024

                              ~ Working Draft ~                         Faith Gibson, LM, CPM August 31, 2010 Important Note from the Editor~  Sorry, but the 20 links to topics at the very top of […]

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Thanks for the Memories – reprint of Dr. Klein’s retiring from MCDG as its List Master

by faithgibson January 14, 2024

Dear MCDG Listers: Thanks to so many of you who sent me lovely notes on my role as founding Listmaster of MCDG. It has been one of the most satisfying roles in my career—bringing me close to all of you caring for mothers and newborns. Your support has encouraged me to keep posting on MCDG. During the 48 years that I have […]

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