Women’s Reproductive Rights

Draft – originally written in 2008 ~ Obstetrical Medicine in the US ~ is a stumbling stone and roadblock to an integrated maternity care system that promoted and supported normal childbirth & provided appropriately non-interventive services to healthy childbearing women with normal pregnancies, including access to the more cost-effective midwifery care Re-posted April 2022 ~ […]

$1.600,000,000,000 is $1.6 billion, or the annual cost of obstetrical services in the US Excerpt of a 10-29-2010 mail to Dr. Ruth Haskins, California obstetrician and seated member of the state Medical Board’s Midwifery Advisory Council Editor’s Note: I posted this because it is an excellent synopsis of why the contemporary obstetrical profession in America […]

The Ultimate Nightmare: The Ruthless Rule of Reality ~ what can happen to families when abortions is illegal

by faithgibson October 14, 2020

Excerpted from a previous post To read the original, full-length article on how abortion was turned into a political football by White House adviser Pat Buchanan in 1972 as a strategy to win over the Roman Catholic & conservative Christians vote for Nixon’s re-election campaign, use this link –>  https://tinyurl.com/yyuobu45 However, I encourage  to everyone to […]

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The Debate on Health Care Policy Reform ~ an exercise in pseudo-journalism – Day #2

by faithgibson August 2, 2020

  Tell-A-Vision for the 21st Century   The Debate on Health Care Policy Reform ~ an exercise in pseudo-journalism Day #2, Continued from yesterday’s post What American should (but don’t) know about health care in the US: Exactly what kind of ‘status quo’ is this medical dynasty fighting so hard to preserve and protect? Certainly not one that […]

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Incredible tweet by Gloria Steinem to Sen. Mitch McConnell ~ gun safety vs abortion laws

by faithgibson August 8, 2019

Easy-to-share link –> https://tinyurl.com/y3efreyf           Gloria Steinem‘s tweet to Senator Mitch McConnell abt the lack of effective gun safety law, while abortion legislation is restrictive and intrusive: The original is hard to read, so here is a copy of the text: “How about we treat every young man who wants to […]

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