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  Health Care in Crisis: How did it get so bad?     by faith gibson, LM Concerned citizen, mother and midwife Originally posted in 2009 while passage of the ACA was still pending in the US Congress  How an increase in medical doctors had the paradoxical effect of making medical care much more expensive Since the late […]

School of Architecture and Urban Planning BIRTH ENVIRONMENTS ~ Emerging Trends and Implications for Design Alice Lerman, B.A., J.D., M. Arch ~ University of Wisconsin; School of Architecture and Urban Planning A Project supported by the American Institute of Architects and the American Hospital Association Fellowship ~ pages 7 & 8: “Obstetrics, over the past […]

Response to NYT Editorial on the High Cost of Health Care ~ November 25, 2007

by faithgibson June 3, 2021

Originally published on the front page of my “” website I am reposting this essay from 2007 as an example of how the story never really changes — we still have an obstetrical system that systematically imposes harmful and unnecessary interventions and surgical procedures on healthy women with normal pregnancies. This unproductively expensive, totally unrepentant […]

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AMA’s Scope of Practice Partnership, Part 1 ~ the plan to limit the practice of OTHER healthcare practitioners

by faithgibson August 9, 2020

Work-N-Progress// Temporary Holding Draft ~ Hoover profile info at the bottom will soon be transferred to its own post AMA series ~ Day #2 Organized Medicine in America is not on the same side of healthcare issues as We, the American People I am beginning this series on the AMA’s SOPP on August 9th, 2020 […]

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AMA brags about its national “60 Victories” (now 75) over 11 healthcare professions in 24 state legislatures

by faithgibson August 7, 2020

The AMA’s 2006 Scope of Practice Partnership (SOPP) & its 2020 “Victory Letter” The Problem: In 2006 the American Medical Association (AMA) created the Scope of Practice Partnership (SOOP), which is a coalition of 105 other professional medical lobbies representing the professional and economic interests of medical doctors. These self-interested organizations banded together to use […]

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