Cesarean Politics

Easy-to-share Link ~ https://tinyurl.com/y5hdkjyq ARCHIVE Info Only ~ I attended the Grand Rounds, which was well-attended, and according to Judy Luce, who helped organize the event in Berkeley, his presentation was excellent (particularly his PowerPoint slides – seee below) and very well attended and received. faith ^O^   Dissident Doctor: My Life Catching Babies and […]

Part 2B More on Cesareans and simple explanation of how Auscultation works ~ 2B

by faithgibson August 7, 2019

~ 2B ~ Cesarean Surgery – the “gift” that keeps on giving! Cesarean surgery is the gift that keeps on giving, not only at the time the operation is performed but in all future pregnancies. Unfortunately for 6% of post-cesarean mothers, a downstream complication of their Cesarean surgery is infertility, usually a result of post-operative infections. Life-threatening complications […]

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Part 2A ~ Failure of elective C-sections surgery to prevent pelvic floor damage ~ 2A

by faithgibson August 6, 2019

Part 2A ~ word count 2,300 Easy-to-copy-&-share link –>  http://tinyurl.com/ Is ‘elective Cesarean’ policy an effective strategy for preventing pelvic floor problems in childbearing women based on valid scientific evidence? ~ “A Scar is Born Every 39 Seconds” ~ The headline in a 1998 advertisement for a skin product to rub on C-section incisions to diminish scarring […]

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Part 1D ~ Failure of c-EFM to prevent cerebral palsy or protect OBs from lawsuits ~ part 1D

by faithgibson August 5, 2019

~ 1D ~ Dark Side of the Moon Serious, on-going lack of agreement btw obstetricians on EFM data & whether an emergent C-section is needed How and why EFM is directly associated with increased rate of Cesareans   The other ‘elephant’ in the room when interpreting c-EFM data is the incredible lack of agreement between obstetricians over […]

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