Best Evidence ~ Originally published in 2008, but continues to be of interest as it establishes that the facts have always been available: ~ that the science has always identified physiologically-based care as safer and better for healthy childbearing women with normal term pregnancies than: ~ the routine use of obstetrical interventions, especially the routine […]

Mind the Gap! We rabble rousers believe that physiologically-based care should be the universal standard for healthy women with normal pregnancies unless the mother herself requests medicalized care. We have worked tirelessly our entire professional life to transform the narrow focus of our interventionist obstetrical system into a broad based maternity care model able to […]

Newly Uncovered Historical Documents for Birth Activists

by faithgibson August 4, 2023

August 04, 2023 Newly Uncovered Historical Documents for Birth Activists  for working on policy and legislation & midwifery students If you ever wondered what it would be like to interview the famous obstetricians who practiced in the 1910-1930 era and created the “American way of birth” (a new obstetrical procedure ‘performed’ by obstetrically-trained surgeons), you have to […]

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Part 2 of 4 ~The AMA speaks ~ Praise for an essay by their president on the disaster that is the Dobbs Decision

by faithgibson May 25, 2023

Praise for an essay by the AMA on the disastrous decision by the Supreme Court’s Gang of Six When I’m excited about what the president of the AMA has to say, it means there really is something to be excited about!               The following “guest essay” by current AMA […]

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Caught on Video – Comments from childbearing women or their husbands reporting frequent obstetrical abuse and non-consensual obstetrical interventions

by faithgibson May 3, 2023

Caught on Video: Improving Birth Breaks the Silence on Abuse of Women in Maternity Care Posted by Cristen Pascucci on  August 28, 2014  · 71 Comments To the reader: We are proud to say that we recognize and appreciate the many doctors, nurses, midwives, and other professionals who practice and promote respectful, evidence-based care. We do not […]

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