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Originally posted November 25, 2012  OVERVIEW: The following historical material begins by referring to “the midwife problem“efforts by the obstetrical profession to “eliminate the midwife“, As time passed they included the eradication of midwifery as a professional discipline to their goals. The campaign by influential American obstetricians to eliminate the practice of midwives and the […]

Maternal mortality in the past and its relevance to developing countries today Irvine Loudon The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Volume 72, Issue 1, July 2000, Pages 241S–246S, https://doi.org/10.1093/ajcn/72.1.241S Published: 01 July 2000   Spoiler alert:   Midwives: Yes! Over the last two hundred-plus years professional midwives as a normal part of the maternity care system […]

We don’t have a “healthcare” system, we have a “medical services delivery system – #1 Unlimited MD license to control everyone and everthing

by faithgibson July 28, 2020

This essay is an excerpt is from another one of my websites  (Healthcare 2.0) originally written and published in 2009. Contemporary Intro to my 11-year old post:  As an ER and L&D nurse, and now as a community-based professional midwife, I have been in the so-called “healthcare business” for my entire adult life, which is […]

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XYZ Dr. J. Whitridge Williams imaginary 1st person narrative of his “Plan” ~1914 Book “Twilight Sleep”

by faithgibson April 2, 2018

Dr. J. W. Williams explains is own Plan — the story I call the “Dark Side of the moon: I can imagine Dr. J. Whitridge Williams, as the former chief of obstetrics at Johns Hopkins University Hospital and current Dean of its world-famous medical school, having a sudden moment of inspiration in which the answer to his […]

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Dr. J. Whitridge Williams’ Little Book & the Pentagon Papers: Part 6 Numbers don’t lie

by faithgibson March 31, 2018

https://tinyurl.com/yaw5795v Dr. JWW’s story goes on but unfortunately for him, the numbers don’t lie! Generally, American obstetricians were well aware that Sweden had remarkably superior maternal-infant outcomes, so much so that one of the early influential leaders in obstetrical medicine (Dr. George Kosmak) went to Sweden to study their system. When Dr. Kosmak returned from […]

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