December 2012

The Continuous Use of Electronic Fetal Monitors — 99.8% false positive rate, unable to prevent cerebral palsy In July 2003 ACOG’s Task Force on Neonatal Encephalopathy & Cerebral Palsy concluded that the obstetrical profession was mistaken about the ability of continuous electronic monitoring and liberal use of cesarean section to reduce the rate of cerebral palsy and other […]


Click here to access this newly posted document of great interest to LMs in California. This link provide access to two versions – a re-typed and easy to read document and additional link to the original (defaced) edition.


The Indisputable Math: Mandated Physician Supervision as a Profit Center

by faithgibson December 4, 2012

Part II ~ continued from Legally Mandated MD-Supervision of Non-physician Practitioners: a costly, unethical & unfair medical monopoly Historical background: By 1910, the AMA’s plan to eliminate “the healing arts” was well on its way. At stake were multi-disciplinary forms of health care that included allopathic MDs, several types of drugless practitioners (naturopathic, osteopathic, homeopathic, and Chinese medicine doctors), […]

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