October 2012

Major Change Is in Ob/Gyns’ Mood Now that you have the advantage of experience, would you choose the same career? According to the 2012 Medscape report, a minority of ob/gyns, 37%, said they would select the same specialty; merely 23% would pick the same practice setting. Moreover, just 55% would become physicians if they could […]


Who Says Professional Life Is Fair? When asked whether they believe themselves to be fairly compensated, more than one half of ob/gyns — 55% — said no, a small increase from last year’s 50%. Their view is not particularly different from the general physician population; 51% of all surveyed specialists felt fairly compensated. Ob/gyns are […]


Obstetrician Incomes in top 2/3s of all medical specialties ~ part 1 (of 3)

by faithgibson October 1, 2012

I recdently discovered three articles on Medscape about the annual and lifetime incomes of various medical specialities and how these numbers compare within the medical profession (specialty vs. general practice). There was also information on how the incomes of obstetricians compares to those of other Americans. Because these articles were both long and rich with […]

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