OB Interventions: Dubious or Detrimental

From the archive, originally posted October 11, 2003 Ending a Failed Medical Experiment: A 100 Years of Flat Earth Obstetrics Based on Unsafe & Unscientific Maternity Practices ~ Our Goal ~ Principles of physiologically-based care as the American standard for healthy women with normal pregnancies ~ Our Plan ~ To develop effective political strategies and […]

Reading time ~ 10 minutes ============================== The last and most important UNTOLD story of the 20th century!  The perfect storm that turned healthy women into the patients of a surgical specialty and normal childbirth into a surgical procedure This was the most profound change in childbirth practices in the history of the human species. ============================== […]

Part 3A~ Hx & Use of Auscultation to replace routine c-EFM in healthy labor patients with normal pregnancies ~ 3A

by faithgibson November 9, 2021

Part 3A ~ 2019   Easy shortcut to share –> http://tinyurl.com/y65wzon5        word count 2,400 How did the extreme discordance btw the scientific studies and current obstetrical standard of care come about? Unfortunately, the answer is “follow the money”, or i should say, follow the three biggest economic areas. Two obviously positive revenue streams:  […]

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Maternal Mortality ~ Of Blind Alleys & Things that Worked: History’s Lessons on Reducing MM

by faithgibson August 27, 2021

Originally published in an European medical journal 3. https://www.eldis.org/document/A12686 –> This chapter from ‘Safe Motherhood Strategies: a Review of the Evidence’, published by the Prince Leopold Institute of Tropical Medicine (ITG), analyses the conditions under which the industrialised world has reduced maternal mortality over the last hundred years. Preconditions appear to have been early awareness […]

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Cruelty in Maternity Wards: Fifty Years Later by Henci Goer,

by faithgibson April 22, 2020

https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2920649/ By Henci Goer Abstract Fifty years have passed since a scandal broke over inhumane treatment of laboring women in U.S. hospitals, yet first-person and eyewitness reports document that medical care providers continue to subject childbearing women to verbal and physical abuse and even to what would constitute sexual assault in any other context. Women […]

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