OB Interventions: Dubious or Detrimental

The False Association btw Continuous Electronic Fetal Monitoring & increased use of Cesarean surgery as a strategy for preventing cerebral palsy & reducing malpractice lawsuits against doctors & hospitals ~ Intro & Overview

by faithgibson August 1, 2019

Originally published March 2100 ~ New Intro & Overview Easy shortcut to share –> http://tinyurl.com/y4ezxjsz    ~ word count 2,866 ~  Identifying the false association (and failed strategy) surrounding the routine use of continuous electronic fetal monitoring (EFM) as the universal standard and the associated increase in Cesarean surgery performed for a ‘non-reassuring’ EFM tracing. […]

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Mayday series: Wrap-up, Final Words & Action Plan

by faithgibson May 31, 2019

Word count 1600 Easy-to-share Link: https://tinyurl.com/y67nkt4c Wrap up of Mayday series: Introducing a *new vocabulary* Final Word & Action Plan ** The Bigger Picture and new vocabulary for the kind of maternity care that best serves the needs of healthy childbearing women and their families and is most cost-effective Maternity care and obstetrical services are […]

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Mayday Series: Part 1 (of 2) Wrap-up & Final Words

by faithgibson May 30, 2019

Easy-to-share link ~ https://tinyurl.com/yxfx7d8u Word count 1300 Conclusion of the Mayday Series ~ Part 1 ~ Be sure to read Acton Plan in Part 2  This series began with big (and embarrassing) questions about the contemporary practice of obstetrics in America. The most central of all was simply: “Why has American obstetrics strayed so far […]

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Episiotomies — more harmful unnecessary interventions by OBs, more hiding high rate of inappropriate interventions by hospitals

by faithgibson May 27, 2019

Re-posted from USA Today An episiotomy is a surgical cut to the vagina during childbirth. A USA TODAY analysis finds a startling number performed despite guidance from 2006. Episiotomies: painful, risky and not routinely recommended but dozens of hospitals are doing them anyway. Alison Young and John Kelly, USA TODAY Updated 12:00 p.m. PDT May […]

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MAYDAY Series: Ref #6 ~ New Engl Journal Med : Uncertain Value of Electronic Fetal Monitoring in Predicting Cerebral Palsy

by faithgibson May 26, 2019

HTTP://WWW.NEJM.ORG/DOI/FULL/10.1056/NEJM199603073341001#T=ARTICLE Uncertain Value of Electronic Fetal Monitoring in Predicting Cerebral Palsy Karin B. Nelson, M.D., James M. Dambrosia, Ph.D., Tricia Y. Ting, B.S., and Judith K. Grether, Ph.D. N Engl J Med 1996; 334:613-619 DOI: 10.1056/NEJM199603073341001 March 7, 1996 .  word count 3470 This study was designed as an investigation of the use of fetal […]

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