by faithgibson on August 1, 2012

Reading opportunities for inquiring minds

1. Time-traveler’s Perspective on Normal Childbirth
by faith gibson, LM, published in the journal BIRTH
PDF link: BIRTH-PracPerspective_MyArticle_Sept11_2011

#2. How Normal Childbirth Was Trapped
on the Wrong Side of History:

The Perfect storm that turned healthy childbearing women
into the patients of a surgical specialty and
normal childbirth into a surgical procedure

~ the last and most unimportant
UNTOLD story of the 20th century ~ 

#3. The Economic Story of American Hospitals:

How the invention of elective hospitalization became
economic engine for our 20th century private &
corporate-own American hospital system

#4. Original Source Material for the economic story
of the 20th & 21st-century American hospital system

Overview & links to all 8 chapters
of Dr. Williams’s Historic 1914 book

Twilight Sleep: Simple Discoveries in Painless Childbirth

#5. PDF link –> Man-Midwives ~The Historical Tension
Between Midwifery and Obstetrics During the 20th century

#6 ~ VBAC as a core issue & example US dysfunction maternity care
(includes hx of Am obstetrics & gynecology
as new surgical specialty)

 Faith’s Websites:

American College of Community Midwives
California College of Midwives 
Garden Party Patriotism

Special Links 

~ Faith’s Video
– interviewed by Kathi Valeii (Birth Anarchist website)

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