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by faithgibson on April 8, 2016

Devin_RaggetyAnne-flipedIf you are reading this, you found my little link to the inner sanctum. 

I will use this page to make suggestions for how to best access interesting “stuff”, and to post links as i run across documents, commentaries and essays that i think will interest you.

I suggest that you take advantage of the links on the home page. To make it even easierI pasted them in below, but will remove this long list after you have a chance to go through them.

Be sure to start with #1 — “Time-traveler’s Perspective on Normal Childbirth” BIRTH Sept 2011


When you don’t have a lot of time,  reading the posts is good, although they also HowBaby'sRdelivered_1are all quite long. But then, everything I write is very detailed and thus long.

And of course, i will cut-&-paste new and interesting hot links to this page, starting the few below.

Call or text me if want access to something or a link does not work. Since my email In-Box has 1,700 emails in it, email is not a very efficient way to communicate with me, unless we specifically arranging something.



“Historical and Contemporary comments by physicians about midwives
~ 1820 to 2014


Historic & Contemporary Childbirth Practices:

images-10 ~ Part 1
Midwifery & Normal Birth
thru Images & Artwork

The historical role assigned to childbearing women, how it changed from the natural women from active (and upright!) agents in normal childbirth to that of passive patients laying in bed, waiting to be “delivered”

C-EFM: Quotes from ObGynNews & NEJM

–> lack of efficacy & high rate of complications

1. Time-traveler’s Perspective on Normal Childbirth, by faith Faith_Head_Coveringgibson, LM, published in the professional journal BIRTH

PDF link: BIRTH-PracPerspective_MyArticle_Sept11_2011

Newborn_DavidMiller-1946_Feb09#2. How Normal Childbirth in 20th century American Got Trapped on the Wrong Side of History:

The Perfect storm that turned healthy childbearing women into the patients of a surgical specialty and normal childbirth into a surgical procedure

~ the last and most unimportant UNTOLD story of the 20th century ~ 

#3. The Economic Story of American Hospitals: DeLeeTxBk_Del2docs

How the invention of elective hospitalization became the economic engine for our 20th-century private & corporate-own American hospital system

#4. ~ Overview & and links to all 8 chapters of this 1914 book 

Original Source Material for the economic story of the 20th & 21st century American hospital system from Dr. Williams’s Historic Book “Twilight Sleep: Simple Discoveries in Painless Childbirth

#5. PDF link –> Man-Midwives

~The Historical Tension Between Midwifery and Obstetrics During the 20th century

#6 ~ VBAC as a core issue & example US dysfunction maternity care 

Also includes 1910 story of how and why the traditional medical discipline of obstetrics & the surgical discipline of gynecology were combined in a new surgical specialty obstetrics and gynecology.

Pregnant Belly Photo_Gross_Csec_table

#7 ~ The Elimination of Midwives in the US ~ 1900 to 1935

Archived Posts:  Link to info about AB 1308, strategies to fight regulations that would functionally ban  Ca LMs from attending VBAC families