*NOTE: AASPIM is for the “American Association for the Study and Prevention of Infant Mortality”. This was a professional organization of obstetricians and other MDs and public health officials that met annually from 1910 to 1923. It was originally organized, financed, and backed by the AMA. The previous post — Part One — provided the necessary […]

Background material about the American influential obstetrician Dr. J. Whitridge Williams, and his role in portraying childbirth in white middle and upper-class women as a quasi-pathology process   This story was memorialized in a book published in 1914 entitled “Twilight Sleep: A Simple Account of New Discoveries in Painless Childbirth“. It also was recorded in […]

Excerpt #2 of the 1914 book: Draft: Twilight Sleep ~ A Simple Account of New Discoveries in Painless Childbirth and influence of Dr. J. W. Williams’ definition of childbirth as a pathological process

by faithgibson August 3, 2023

I’m devoting August 2023 to posting and organizing the mass of material I have on the life and influence of Dr. J. Whitridge Williams on obstetrics in America and his (unfortunately) successful efforts to officially define obstetrics as a surgical specialty, childbearing women was “surgical patients” and childbirth as a surgical procedure “performed” by the […]

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An Account of debates in 1787 on the writing of the US Constitution by its Advocates and Opponents

by faithgibson June 3, 2023

Dear Reader, The historical material post below is particularly germane in our post-Roe world in which half the states and their mostly male legislatures are falling all over themselves to see who can pass the most draconian, regressive, and punitive anti-abortion laws. For girls and women with untenable or abnormal pregnancies, the world is spinning […]

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The Roberts Court & our individual rights and personal lives in a post-Roe country

by faithgibson June 2, 2023

Edited on 06-02-2023 How affects our individual rights and personal lives under the under the Roberts Court based on the 511 nouns used in the US Constitution Draft – work-n-progress, read at your own risk! 06-02-2023 *** stopped working @ 6:39 pm @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ The Constitution’s list of individual rights is extraordinary short and leaves out […]

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