March 2016

The following interview was taped April 2011 in North Carolina by birth activist Kirst Kreutzer. and founding member of the “Where’s My Midwife” birth activist movement and producer of flash-mob “push-in” in a public park, and Midwives’ Dinner videos Midwife and activist Faith Gibson discusses her experiences as a labor and delivery nurse in a […]

This article will knock your socks off — good, funny, factual It’s a sad comment on decades of bad advice already well-known  by cardiologists. In the early 1900s they discovered that “strict bedrest” for men who’d had a heart attack, or a host of other cardiac conditions, died at a much higher rate when medically-recommend […]

New 30-day series ~ historical & contemporary quotes made by doctors about midwives: 1820 to 2014

by faithgibson March 29, 2016

Short Cut ~ To read this document its entirety ~ all 35 yearly entries, spanning nearly two hundred years from 1820 to 2014 For readers who prefer to take smaller bits, I will post one section of this material everyday during the month of April. Hope you enjoy!   Day 1: Beginning introduction and quotes from 1820 […]

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The Decline in Maternal Mortality in Sweden: The Role of Community Midwifery ~ Ulf Högberg, MD, PhD (part 8)

by faithgibson March 11, 2016

Link back to Part 7 (the data) © 2004 American Public Health Association PUBLIC HEALTH THEN AND NOW The author is with Obstetrics & Gynecology, Department of Clinical Science, and Epidemiology, Department of Public Health and Clinical Medicine, University of Umeå, Umeå, Sweden. Correspondence: Requests for reprints should be sent to Ulf Högberg, MD, PhD, […]

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The story I hate to tell: the dark history of obstetrics ~ the data (part 7)

by faithgibson March 10, 2016

Link back to part 6 Continued part 7 ~ Source material – ObGynNews – on the dramatic increased in placental abnormalities and its association with our sky-rocketing Cesarean section rate:   The following quotes are from the professional trade paper ObGynNews. This publication is the obstetrical equivalent of the Reader’s Digest, in that it is a digest of […]

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