From the archive, originally posted October 11, 2003 Ending a Failed Medical Experiment: A 100 Years of Flat Earth Obstetrics Based on Unsafe & Unscientific Maternity Practices ~ Our Goal ~ Principles of physiologically-based care as the American standard for healthy women with normal pregnancies ~ Our Plan ~ To develop effective political strategies and […]

Stanford Continuing Studies Class, 2008 Narrative non-fiction writing assignment A Truthful Account Interview Questions for a former Labor and Delivery Room nurse What is your name and date and place of birth? My name is Bonnie and I was born in 1943 at Mt Carmel Hospital in Detroit, Michigan. When did you did you decide […]

The Health Care in Crisis in the US ~ How did it get so bad?    

by faithgibson December 1, 2022

  Health Care in Crisis: How did it get so bad?     by faith gibson, LM Concerned citizen, mother and midwife Originally posted in 2009 while passage of the ACA was still pending in the US Congress  How an increase in medical doctors had the paradoxical effect of making medical care much more expensive Since the late […]

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NPR interview of Mormon mother of 6 who identifies male ejaculation of origin of abortion issues

by faithgibson October 21, 2022 Book by mom of six puts onus on men to stop unwanted pregnancies October 20, 20228:04 AM ET SARAH MCCAMMON During Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings in 2018, writer Gabrielle Blair was watching — and going “absolutely bonkers, just hearing man after man grandstanding about abortion.” “It’s so clear to me they […]

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2. How to tell the last & most important UNTOLD story of the 20th Century – the danger of routinely using obstetrical interventions on healthy women w/ normal pregnancies

by faithgibson July 2, 2022

Reading time ~ 10 minutes ============================== The last and most important UNTOLD story of the 20th century!  The perfect storm that turned healthy women into the patients of a surgical specialty and normal childbirth into a surgical procedure This was the most profound change in childbirth practices in the history of the human species. ============================== […]

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