The Bigger Picture ~ Part II of  “Risk-benefits of each Place-of-Birth — not PHB ‘dangers’ — is proper focus of inquiry & discussion” The twin problems described in my last post {LINK} reflect on a true but troublesome reality — that no system is perfect, whether we are speaking of governments and commerce on a […]

NEWS FLASH ~ Planned places-of-birth are all associated with some increased risks of morbidity and mortality in healthy women with normal pregnancies when compared to the outcomes achieved in the other setting. The logical response to these facts is to acknowledge the problem and work together to reduce its incidence in each respective setting. Neither place […]

News Flash: ACOG and NARM buries the hatchet over CPMs ~ apparently Amy Tuteur didn’t get the message

by faithgibson May 14, 2016

ACOG Statement on the US MERA Bridge Certificate April 14, 2016 ACOG supports the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) educational standards as the minimum education and licensure requirement for all midwives practicing in the US. ACOG recognizes that the US MERA bridge certificate is an attempt to elevate the training and education of midwives who […]

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The Problem w/ Using Place-of-Birth as Proxy for Style of Intrapartum Management

by faithgibson May 11, 2016

Originally posted Monday, June 28, 2010 ~ The Problem with Using Place of Birth as Proxy for Style of Intrapartum Management  faith gibson, LM, CPM June 28, 2010 MANY MEDICAL AND MIDWIFERY PROFESSIONALS, as well as birth activists and consumers, confuse birth setting (hosp. vs. OOH) with intrapartum management style or may use these […]

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In the News: Deep water pools ~ a good look at biased reporting

by faithgibson May 9, 2016

The Wooden Spoon Award for one of the most biased news reports of the year This is one of the worst newspaper reports I’ve read all year. The use of deep water tubs during labor is a well-established method to help women cope with the pain of labor in ways that avoid the known side-effects […]

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