August 04, 2023 Newly Uncovered Historical Documents for Birth Activists  for working on policy and legislation & midwifery students If you ever wondered what it would be like to interview the famous obstetricians who practiced in the 1910-1930 era and created the “American way of birth” (a new obstetrical procedure ‘performed’ by obstetrically-trained surgeons), you have to […]

Praise for an essay by the AMA on the disastrous decision by the Supreme Court’s Gang of Six When I’m excited about what the president of the AMA has to say, it means there really is something to be excited about!               The following “guest essay” by current AMA […]

Caught on Video – Comments from childbearing women or their husbands reporting frequent obstetrical abuse and non-consensual obstetrical interventions

by faithgibson May 3, 2023

Caught on Video: Improving Birth Breaks the Silence on Abuse of Women in Maternity Care Posted by Cristen Pascucci on  August 28, 2014  · 71 Comments To the reader: We are proud to say that we recognize and appreciate the many doctors, nurses, midwives, and other professionals who practice and promote respectful, evidence-based care. We do not […]

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draft ~ TOPIC#12_p22_The Double Whammy of Medical Science

by faithgibson February 13, 2023

TOPIC#12_p22_The Double Whammy of Medical Science Prior to the modern development of medicine as a science, the services provided by hospitals had little or nothing to do with “curing” diseases. Hospitals were in essence medical hotels that provided labor-intensive “hospitality” services” to the ill and injured. This is where the word “hospital” comes from – […]

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From the Achieve: Overview written in 2008 of the political impasse btw interventive obstetrics and non-interventive maternity care for healthy women by professional midwives & family practice physicians

by faithgibson April 18, 2022

Unfinished Draft originally written in 2008 ~ Obstetrical Medicine in the US is a stumbling stone and roadblock to an integrated maternity care system that promotes and supports normal childbirth & provides appropriately non-interventive services to healthy childbearing women with normal pregnancies, including access to the more cost-effective midwifery care Re-posted April 2022 ~ The […]

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