Electronic Fetal Monitoring

Must read! EFM as a Public Health Screening Program: “The Arithmetic of Failure” by Dr David Grimes EXCERPTS & Commentary for mothers, midwives & others The lead author, Dr David Grimes, is one of a very small number of physicians to be board-certified in both Ob-Gyn and preventative medicine. He trained at UCSF and worked […]

April 7, 2021 Stethoscope Remains Best Way to Monitor Fetal Distress During Labor Review of 33 studies, including seven monitoring methods, shows no benefit from newer strategies Review of 33 studies, including seven monitoring methods, shows no benefit from newer strategies WEDNESDAY, April 7, 2021 (HealthDay News) — Listening to a fetal heart rate using […]

Literature review ~ Intrapartum cardiotocograph monitoring (EFM) & perinatal outcomes for women at risk for complications

by faithgibson September 29, 2023

Note-2-self ~ copied to AI project on CALM auscultation incl. providing background info on EFM (last edited 10-25-2023) Review article from Australia posted by ScienceDirect.com Editor’s Preliminary Notes: In UK and Australia, what we “Yanks” describe as an “electronic fetal monitoring” (EFM for short) is called “CTG“, which is an abbreviation used for cardio – […]

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History, Theory & Practice of Auscultation – Stand-alone addendum to series “False Association-Failure of c-EFM to prevent cerebral palsy & protect OBs from lawsuits

by faithgibson November 11, 2021

Stand-alone Addendum for mfry educators, students journalists and patients’ rights and product liability attorneys Easy Shortcut to share –> http://tinyurl.com/y3evnwwa   word count 4100 A brief history of monitoring  the unborn baby: Intermittent Auscultation ~ its verbs, nouns, and physician-inventors. For information about fetal monitoring as an electronic device (i.e., noun instead of an action verb), […]

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Part 3B~ Hx & Use of Auscultation to replace routine c-EFM in healthy labor patients with normal pregnancies ~ 3B

by faithgibson November 10, 2021

~ 3B ~ Index for this last post Central Fetal Monitoring: The newest kid on the block half a century later Trying to build a better mousetrap instead of building a better foundation Why the subtle distinction btw acidemia & hypoxia matters The Glaringly Obvious Effect of EFM — turning healthy women into  passive & […]

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