April 2023

  A Visionary and Renaissance Man and who dreamed really big!?? Dr. Williams’ solution to this classic economic dilemma — not enough paying customers to support the business model for a first-class hospital, and not enough first-class general hospitals to serve the American population — was to devise rather complicated plan with many different moving […]

  Ch 4 ~ Two problems, one solution, a big win for society at the expense of healthy childbearing women From Dr. JWW’s perspective, as former chief of obstetrics and Dean of a famous American medical school, the biggest and difficult problem was the desperate lack of “general” hospitals able to provide  “comprehensive” services  in […]

Ch ? ~ The Disturbing Story of obstetrics in American ~ 1910 to 1980

by faithgibson April 25, 2023

Chapter ? 3-b ? ~ The Historical Role of Dr. J. Whitridge Williams, most famous obstetrician of the 20th century and author of “Williams’ Obstetrics” Dr. J. Whitridge Williams was the most famous and highly-lauded American obstetrician of the 20th century. In addition to being highly influential within his profession peers and original author of […]

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Midwifery vs. midwives: What doctors referred to as “The Midwife Problem” i.e. the problem they had in getting rid of midwives!

by faithgibson April 19, 2023

Originally posted November 25, 2012  OVERVIEW: The following historical material begins by referring to “the midwife problem“efforts by the obstetrical profession to “eliminate the midwife“, As time passed they included the eradication of midwifery as a professional discipline to their goals. The campaign by influential American obstetricians to eliminate the practice of midwives and the […]

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*Lessons from Before Roe: Will Past be Prologue? originally written & published in 2003

by faithgibson April 1, 2023

Originally written and post in 2003 ~ Extremely informative, includes history of abortion laws in the US , sadly confirms that the more things change, the more they stay the same! Also recommend this contemporary article published 2022 in the American Journal of Public Health (AJPH) by Herminia Palacio, MD MPH Over the Precipice Into a […]

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