Women’s Reproductive Rights

https://www.npr.org/2022/10/20/1130113865/book-by-mom-of-six-puts-onus-on-men-to-stop-unwanted-pregnancies Book by mom of six puts onus on men to stop unwanted pregnancies October 20, 20228:04 AM ET SARAH MCCAMMON During Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings in 2018, writer Gabrielle Blair was watching — and going “absolutely bonkers, just hearing man after man grandstanding about abortion.” “It’s so clear to me they […]

Unfinished Draft originally written in 2008 ~ Obstetrical Medicine in the US is a stumbling stone and roadblock to an integrated maternity care system that promotes and supports normal childbirth & provides appropriately non-interventive services to healthy childbearing women with normal pregnancies, including access to the more cost-effective midwifery care Re-posted April 2022 ~ The […]

Understanding why the American obstetrical model doesn’t work very well for anyone & does so at an annual cost of $1.600,000,000,000

by faithgibson January 9, 2021

$1.600,000,000,000 is $1.6 billion, or the annual cost of obstetrical services in the US Excerpt of a 10-29-2010 mail to Dr. Ruth Haskins, California obstetrician and seated member of the state Medical Board’s Midwifery Advisory Council Editor’s Note: I posted this because it is an excellent synopsis of why the contemporary obstetrical profession in America […]

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The Ultimate Nightmare: The Ruthless Rules of Reality ~ what can happen to families when abortions is illegal

by faithgibson October 14, 2020

Reading time ~ 8 minutes An excerpt from a previous post Use the Tiny ULR below to read the original, full-length article on how abortion was turned into a political football in 1971 by Nixon’s White House adviser Pat Buchanan in order to sway Roman Catholics & conservative Christians to vote for Nixon’s re-election. Nixon […]

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The Debate on Health Care Policy Reform ~ an exercise in pseudo-journalism – Day #2

by faithgibson August 2, 2020

  Tell-A-Vision for the 21st Century   The Debate on Health Care Policy Reform ~ an exercise in pseudo-journalism Day #2, Continued from yesterday’s post What American should (but don’t) know about health care in the US: Exactly what kind of ‘status quo’ is this medical dynasty fighting so hard to preserve and protect? Certainly not one that […]

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