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BEST EVIDENCE ~ a directory with links to nearly a 100 excellent documents, articles, even video supporting physiologic childbirth practices, and exposing the dirty politics behind the obstetrical profession’s attempts to eliminate the lawful practice of midwifery.


Faith’s essays, commentaries, position paper & statements, & unpublished manuscripts


Archive of historical/hysterical quotes by doctors about midwives, midwifery, or aspects of obstetrical thinking that are politically informative


The Mother and Her Child By William S. Sadler, M.D., Lena K. Sadler, M.D.

This historical gem was written sometime between 1923 & 1930. It’s like reading the minds of the entire medical profession about fifty interesting & controversial topics and esp. reveals their attitudes about midwives.

It’s shocking, edifying — anything but boring,  2 thumbs up, required reading for all students of midwifery

The Expectant Mother – Four Parts ~
(1) Pregnancy including advice to never use the services of a midwife
(2) Childbirth includes Twilight Sleep, other anesthetics
(3) Newborn  care and development
(4) Infant Feeding ~ Breast and Bottle

About the Author: Dr. William S. Sadler M.D. was a well-known American psychiatrist and college teacher in the school of medicine at the University of Chicago. For over sixty years he practiced his profession in Chicago, thirty-three years being associated in practice with his wife, Dr Lena Kellogg Sadler. The doctors were pioneers in the research on the mysterious Urantia Papers.


Identifying the Essential Qualities of Maternity Care  ~ Evidence-based policies and a plan for action

The Project — curated subdirectory of links to documents of interest to me, and possibly investigative journalists or other helpful individuals

Consensus Statement on Normal (Physiologic) Childbirth as the standard for healthy women

A Consensus Statement by:
American College of Nurse Midwives, Midwives Alliance of North America, & National Association of Certified Professional Midwives 

This document is intended for health care professionals and policymakers. A companion document for consumers is in development.