June 2023

  Can a lack of love be deadly? originally publication ~ May 19, 2016 Beth Daley I taught myself about orphanages 12 years ago, not actually because of my work as a human biologist but because of my daughter. She was born in 2004 and her first 14 months of life were spent in an orphanage […]

The start of life: a history of obstetrics by Professor J Drife, UK ~ 2023 Correspondence to:
 Professor J Drife, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Level D, Clarendon Wing, Belmont Grove, Leeds LS2 9NS, UK;
 j.o.drife@leeds.ac.uk Abstract Obstetric intervention originally consisted of extraction of the baby, usually by the breech, to save the mother’s life in […]

Babies & small children in Rumanian orphanages ~ The lasting impact of neglect

by faithgibson June 14, 2023

Mothering really matters; without it, nearly 100% of infants die before their first birthday. This is the ethical reason for not forcing women to have babies when they are physically, economically or psychologically unable to meet the baby’s physiological & emotional needs. This is one of the reasons that adolescent girls and women need access […]

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An Account of debates in 1787 on the writing of the US Constitution by its Advocates and Opponents

by faithgibson June 3, 2023

Dear Reader, The historical material post below is particularly germane in our post-Roe world in which half the states and their mostly male legislatures are falling all over themselves to see who can pass the most draconian, regressive, and punitive anti-abortion laws. For girls and women with untenable or abnormal pregnancies, the world is spinning […]

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The Roberts Court & our individual rights and personal lives in a post-Roe country

by faithgibson June 2, 2023

Edited on 06-02-2023 How affects our individual rights and personal lives under the under the Roberts Court based on the 511 nouns used in the US Constitution Draft – work-n-progress, read at your own risk! 06-02-2023 *** stopped working @ 6:39 pm @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ The Constitution’s list of individual rights is extraordinary short and leaves out […]

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