November 2006

The first act of the industrial childbirth revolution was the invention of obstetrical forceps in 1650. According to historians, the first functional pair of forceps was due to the ingenuity of an English family of doctors – patriarch William Chamberlen, sons Peter I and Peter II and grandson, Peter III. It was William Chamberlen’s accurate […]

Read the New Yorker article first : “THE SCORE – How childbirth went industrial”  Click here for a web link to the original New Yorker article . Published October 09, 2006 Part Two — What happens when you attempt to industrialize our normal biology? The last section of this 3-part essay focused on the industrialization of […]

What happens when you try to ‘industrialize’ social biological aspects of life – part one of 3-part essay.

by faithgibson November 8, 2006

2006 If you have not read the New Yorker article “THE SCORE – How childbirth went industrial” the following critique will be of limited value. Here is web access to this New Yorker article on the internet. It was originally published October 09, 2006 A brief excerpt from THE SCORE, by Dr Gawande: “The question […]

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