Photos for Public Access Television – Sept 26, 2018

by faithgibson on September 26, 2018

Name: Faith Gibson, LM (California-licensed professional midwife)

Lives and has a small private midwifery practice in Palo Alto, Ca








  1. Pictures of cute babies – use as many or few as you want


New Moms


Family that received normal childbirth services from California midwives the births of all four of their children

Myth-buster #1 — The Right Use of Gravity during labor and birth:

The myth that we are busting tonight is the cultural idea that the best place for a healthy pregnant woman to labor is in bed and the best position for pushing her baby out is laying on her back.

Typical positions for laboring women in the US:

Laboring  in bed in anti-gravitational positions


The “Right Use of Gravity” — the letter “J” as visual example of why it wise to be upright and mobile during active labor:

Sitting upright, standing, walking, kneeling, squatting, or side-lying

Right use of Gravity to push baby down into the pelvis so it can be born spontaneously (no need to use forceps, vacuum extraction or do a Cesarean section)

Anti-gravitational ~ laying down with the mother’s feet and legs in stirrups, pushing the baby uphill

Right Use of Gravity – mother upright (second photo needs color correction)

After pushing in upright positions, giving birth in a deep-water tub

End Here 

Unused Photos and detailed explanation of the consequences of the ‘wrong use’ of gravity when it requires obstetrical intervention such as the use of forceps or vacuum extraction





Laboring at home with 2 year old as company


Curve of Carus










wrong use of gravity


Photos 1 & 2 – Forceps to pull baby down in pelvis










Photo #3 pulling baby out of the pelvis, directly upward, toward ceiling