faithgibson Taken as a whole and in the context of obstetrical history since 1914, Dr. J. Whitridge Williams’ little 128-page book — Twilight Sleep: Simple Discoveries in Painless Childbirth” is the political equivalent of the Pentagon Papers, in that they show us what was hidden and why. Its the story others wanted us to believe (alternative […]

{ Originally posted in 2010 } This is a synopsis of my most important breakthrough in researching the history of obstetrical medicine in the US and its relationship with normal childbirth practices and midwifery in America. I discovered the missing piece of the puzzle in a small book published in 1914 ‘TWILIGHT SLEEP ~ Simple Discoveries in Painless Childbirth“ {original […]

The Obstetrical Standard of Care in the US – Historically Illogical, Fundamentally flawed

by faithgibson February 11, 2018

The Obstetrical Standard of Care in the US – Historically irrational, fundamentally flawed As currently configured in the US, the medicalized model makes it virtually impossible for obstetrically-trained birth attendants to use physiologically-based methods. Physiological management is not the ‘customary’ practice of those trained in the surgical specialty of obstetrics and it is not taught […]

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The physiological Management of Normal Birth ~ what, how and why Am. hospitals aren’t able to provide such care

by faithgibson February 3, 2018

The physiological management of normal birth has always identified by a consensus of the scientific literature as the safest and most economical form of maternity care for healthy women. It is the one used by those countries with the best maternal-infant outcomes. Stedman’s Medical Dictionary defines physiological as: “ accord with or characteristic of the […]

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The five most important dangers of childbearing

by faithgibson January 18, 2018

The five most important dangers of childbearing have much less to do with the biology of normal childbirth, and far more to do with historical age one was born into and the physical, social and political barriers of geography, economics, social prejudice, and mental health problem The historic danger of childbearing was to live before […]

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