faithgibson By Henci Goer Abstract Fifty years have passed since a scandal broke over inhumane treatment of laboring women in U.S. hospitals, yet first-person and eyewitness reports document that medical care providers continue to subject childbearing women to verbal and physical abuse and even to what would constitute sexual assault in any other context. Women […] Easy-2-share Link: Women in Labor Can’t Hold In Their Babies. Nurses Tell Them To Do It Anyway By Kimberly Lawson Jul 16 2019, 7:47am Mothers in labor are often asked to delay birth to accommodate doctors’ schedules. In many cases, it can have harmful consequences. One day, three weeks before my baby’s due date, […]

When and How to push – Lamaze paper on “Best Practices”

by faithgibson April 20, 2020

J Perinat Educ. 2006 Fall; 15(4): 6–9. doi: 10.1624/105812406X151367 PMCID: PMC1804305 PMID: 17768429 Easy-2-share Link: When and How to Push: Providing the Most Current Information About Second-Stage Labor to Women During Childbirth Education Kathleen Rice Simpson, PhD, RNC, FAAN Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Go to: Abstract Childbirth educators […]

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Special OR for Performing Placenta Percreta Surgery

by faithgibson November 4, 2019
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Part 3B~ Hx & Use of Auscultation to replace routine c-EFM in healthy labor patients with normal pregnancies ~ 3B

by faithgibson September 12, 2019

~ 3B ~ XX Index for this last post Central Fetal Monitoring: The newest kid on the block half a century later Trying to build a better mousetrap instead of building a better foundation Why the subtle distinction btw acidemia & hypoxia matters The Glaringly Obvious Effect of EFM — turning healthy women into  passive […]

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