August 2019

Easy-to-share Link ~ ARCHIVE Info Only ~ I attended the Grand Rounds, which was well-attended, and according to Judy Luce, who helped organize the event in Berkeley, his presentation was excellent (particularly his PowerPoint slides – seee below) and very well attended and received. faith ^O^   Dissident Doctor: My Life Catching Babies and […]

Easy-to-share link –>           Gloria Steinem‘s tweet to Senator Mitch McConnell abt the lack of effective gun safety law, while abortion legislation is restrictive and intrusive: The original is hard to read, so here is a copy of the text: “How about we treat every young man who wants to […]

Part 1B ~ Failure of c-EFM to prevent cerebral palsy or protect OBs from lawsuits ~1B

by faithgibson August 3, 2019

~ 1B ~ word count 2,100 In the first place ‘Do No Harm’ Conforming opinion to facts — acknowledged scientific evidence — within an ethical framework  In his autobiography, The Story of My Life, Dr. Marion Sims wrote about the advantages of working on people that were essentially his property (i.e. women slaves): “There was […]

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