May 2023

Part 4 ~  An unconstitutional gender war against women that can quickly expand its interference to men and boys The relentless hubris of the male of the species toward women Men who never have and never will be pregnant, nor ever care for a newborn 24-7 hours a day have deluded themselves in thinking they […]

Part 3 The AMA’s Scope of Practice Partnership is a legally sophisticated way to swindle patients and cheat their non-MD healthcare providers and taxpayers at both state and federal level Who rules the world? White men in blue suits and black judicial robes who control who gets to talk into the microphone! I’ve been both […]

Part 2 of 4 ~The AMA speaks ~ Praise for an essay by their president on the disaster that is the Dobbs Decision

by faithgibson May 25, 2023

Praise for an essay by the AMA on the disastrous decision by the Supreme Court’s Gang of Six When I’m excited about what the president of the AMA has to say, it means there really is something to be excited about!               The following “guest essay” by current AMA […]

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A First for Me ~ (Part 1 of 4) ~ Praise and reprint of an essay by AMA’s President Jack Resneck, and yep, it’s that good!

by faithgibson May 23, 2023

Part 1 (of 4) ~ Intro & background information Direct link to the public letter by the president of the AMA. I, faith gibson, am no fan of the American Medical Association (AMA). But I do “approve this message” by the president of the AMA, Dr. Jack Resneck, MD and encourage others to read and distribute […]

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State chapter of the AMA ends a successful hospital-based nurse-midwifery program providing normal birth services to low-income women that greatly reduced perinatal mortality ~ 1963

by faithgibson May 21, 2023

In 1963, the California state lobbyists for the AMA and the those for the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists {ACOG) stopped a hospital-based nurse-midwifery program that provided physiological management of normal childbirth to very low-income population of women. Shutting down an effective nurse-midwifery program resulted in a rise in neonatal mortality from 10.3 to an […]

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