The Gibson Report ~ False Association btw routine use of c-EFM to prevent cerebral palsy in babies, pelvic floor damage in moms & protect OBs from lawsuits ~ Part 2 (of 3)

by faithgibson March 7, 2019

Part 2 (of 3)  word count 3500 Gibson Report #1 – continued ~ 2019 Easy shortcut to share –> Are ‘elective’ Cesareans an effective strategy for ‘saving’ the childbearing woman’s pelvic floor? ~ “A Scar is Born Every 39 Seconds” ~ Headline for an April 15, 1998 ad in Ob.Gyn.News. The statistics (that a ‘scar’ […]

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Gibson Report-2019_#1: The False Association btw routine use of continuous electronic fetal monitoring (c-EFM) to prevent Cerebral Palsy, Maternal Pelvic Floor Damage & Protect OBs from Lawsuits ~ Part 1 (of 3)

by faithgibson March 3, 2019

Gibson Report-2019_#1 Part 1 (of 3) Easy shortcut to share –> word count 4,600 Revealing the false association between routinely using continuous electronic fetal monitoring (EFM) as a strategy to prevent Cerebral Palsy and other neurological damage in newborns Well-documented increase in Cesarean surgery associated with the routine use of continuous EFM in healthy […]

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BBC report – The Monkey Who became a Midwife

by faithgibson February 24, 2019

Documented story by Japanese researchers of an experienced 5-times mother monkey midwifing a younger monkey giving birth for the 1st time Midwifery has been believed to be a unique human behaviour Giving birth can be a wonderful, literally life-affirming event. But one extraordinary monkey has taken it to a new level; by acting […]

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OPEM Topical Citations: Anti-midwife strategies by Organized Medicine in America ~ early 1900s  

by faithgibson December 19, 2018

Various strategies developed by organized medicine to make it impossible/illegal for midwives to provide midwifery care, while physicians  Ø “In states where the midwife is practically unknown, it should be seen to that the Medical Practice Law excludes the possibility of midwives practicing within the limits of the state.  In states where the midwives are not […]

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Re-Post of NYT article: “America is blaming pregnant women for their own (childbirth-related) deaths”

by faithgibson November 21, 2018

ANGELICA ALZONA America Is Blaming Pregnant Women for Their Own Deaths By KIM BROOKS November 16, 2018 What is it like to face dying during childbirth in the richest Country in the world? Stephanie Teleki, who leads the maternity care portfolio at the California Health Care Foundation, put it this way in an interview:   “Women know […]

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