Wonderful satire from a website that chronicles man-made (iatrogenic) catastrophe stories relating to normal childbirth

by faithgibson October 1, 2018

This link will make you laugh and then cry! Check it out … Proposal to bleed 1/5-1/3 of a baby’s blood within 4-24 hours of birth in order to reduce neonatal jaundice Backstory: How the routine use of general anesthesia triggered a race to ‘clamp-it-quick’ cord-cutting For nearly a hundred years — most of the […]

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Everything you every wanted to know about why our “healthcare” (i.e., medical services delivery) system doesn’t work!

by faithgibson September 5, 2018

 Tell-A-Vision for the 21st Century Written and first published in 2009, while the ACA was being being argued about in Congress. It’s original title was:   “The Debate on Health Care Policy Reform ~ an exercise in pseudo-journalism”. I am reposting the original 10,000 word document in small bits. My best guess is 10 installments, including […]

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ARRIVE study ~ Recommends elective induction of all low-risk healthy pregnant women at 39 weeks

by faithgibson August 20, 2018

http://www.contemporaryobgyn.net/labor-induction/does-arrive-set-stage-39-week-induction Does ARRIVE set the stage for 39-week induction? Judith M. Orvos, ELS Aug 14, 2018 Labor Induction, Obstetrics-Gynecology & Women’s Health Release of results from the ARRIVE trial has provided answers to some concerns about 39-week induction while leading to some questions about the participants and the implication of the findings for clinical practice. The data and […]

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Historical Dissatisfaction with “Standard” (i.e. interventive) Obstetrics for Healthy women-normal pregnancies ~ 1950 – 1960

by faithgibson July 21, 2018

Public dissatisfaction in 1950s with half a century of highly-medicalized and invasive “Knock’em-out, Drag’em-out” obstetrics ~ Push-back by public opinion that rejects information about normalizing normal childbirth ~   Public dissatisfaction with childbirth practices first came to light in mid-1950s, when a popular women’s magazine published a ‘whistle-blower’ article by a Labor and Delivery nurse. As […]

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Hospital-at-Home Care Improved Outcomes, Patient Satisfaction

by faithgibson June 29, 2018

Editor’s Note: Obviously, this article on at-home care is not directly relate to community-based midwifery for healthy women with normal pregnancies choosing OOH childbirth services. However, it does address the increasingly dramatic changes in the social and medical role of acute-care hospitalization. Since the 1950s, the assumption in the US had been that anyone who […]

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