My Sister Crystal’s Excellent Adventures ~ Stories 1, 2 & 3

by faithgibson on April 1, 2013

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Story #1 – FLOATERS  Floating ….  

Story #2 ~ Beth Discovers a Glorious Secret to Navigating Life

Story #3: “Amanda”
By Crystal Grace Tornick
Amanda was a nurse who took good care of sick or injured children. She brought pretty-blue-bandages-with-yellow-stars to work, with her…to “decorate” her little ones boo-boos.
She never cared that this was against the rules. She only knew “her children” seemed less troubled when they became enchanted with their “decorated-parts”!

She did retire to Florida after a long nursing-career…and lived for awhile, with her sister. But, she moved to a building that offered walking-distance to shops…and a LIFE that was not about the next tv-show.

She enjoyed sitting in the coffee shop with a book that soothed her soul. And she’d sometimes bring her checkbook and pay bills…all the while watching LIFE happen…from the coffee shop!

Amanda developed breast cancer and after all the therapies, she went to sleep one night…and woke up in a garden. Her mother greeted her…and told her, it was not her time, yet. But soon, it would be!

Amanda liked this garden…a LOT! She asked to stay…that the “other place” seemed cold and harsh. She felt herself whoosh back-into-her-body…and she woke up, very sad. She did remember being told that she could and would come back to the garden. She never forgot this memory.

“Soon” was a relative term…and Amanda lived many more years. She always remembered how her mother had looked…different…but still, herself. Amanda never did die of cancer…but instead one day, she took a bus to take a cruise. The cruise had been satisfying…and on the way BACK to the bus station, her taxi collided with a truck.

Amanda found herself back-in-the-garden that she never forgot! Her mother came and…

Story #2 ~ Beth Discovers a Glorious Secret to Navigating Life

By Crystal Grace Tornick

FrogHanf1leg_09b“There is POWER in dynamic testimonies”, said the baby, in the dream.

Beth awoke, remembering this line. “There is POWER in dynamic testimonies“? She wrote it down exactly as she remembered the dream. It got lost in her many notes…but she did later, find it again…only after many years.

She had begun to recognize rare moments of authenticity on television…when a
character resonated as being inwardly-directed. “Authentic” meant they were not
merely acting-out some illusion…to obtain the goodwill of another, or strategizing an
outcome. They were authentic whenever they knew that ultimately, they had to
answer to themselves.

Beth began to know that she would have to answer to the SOFT CORE inside
her, that lived only as AWARENESS. This AWARENESS, she somehow knew to
be a SWEETNESS at the very center of existence!

She never “felt” to work at WalMart, or some service-job. She felt drawn to art
and design, and she gave respect to that “calling”…as if some wise, older person had
suggested it. Beth chose to live by the orchestrations of her HEART.

She bravely held an artists’ brush, and felt her colors and her choices. If she felt
to change a color, she recognized the prompt…and her art progressed!

Interestingly, whenever she really felt her next decision…the day or the event,
SEEMED ENCHANTED! Her real challenge became to see her true feelings
which would always steer her toward some GRACE, or other…if she would only

One day, she came upon two mother-cats with eight kittens. Clearly, they were
not cared for with any sensitivity. It was a very hot day in June, and they had no
water! She rushed home and brought back food and water…even flea medicine for
the two mommies. She felt to HELP them…and she never considered not helping
them. It was like breathing. Beth helped cats and kittens toward whatever GRACE
she could arrange. And she succeeded mightily.

She read how if a loved-one died, she could just before sleep…call-out to them
mentally, to come and see her. She used this suggestion to call-out to her little-boy-
cat “Matthew”, who had been so rudely trapped and taken away. She was sure now,
he had been euthanized, a few months earlier.

She called-out mentally, “Matthew, Matthew” one night before sleep, and
Matthew did show up in a dream that night, as if to ask cheerily, “Whaddya’ want,
Mama?” He seemed fine…and she had proven the book-passage true! He was still
alive in some corner of the Universe…still being Matthew. And now, Beth had a
little gem to share with anyone who cared to hear!

It was a beginning in her quest to share her own “dynamic testimonies“. But,
she pondered why the message had been spoken by a BABY, in her dream! A baby
is authentic, not yet warped…but only true, she wondered? She did not know.

It finally occured to her that she was the baby…part of herself was the baby…
that only FELT life, and did not REASON with it. And this was also, the very same
guidance-system that had worked so well, for her…creating days of splendor when
everything was magical! Magic did blossom whenever she allowed herself to FEEL
her best choice.

And it gave her more than just permission to be happy. Beth had discovered her
happiness was a delightful requirement…leading her back to that SOFT CORE of
SWEETNESS she would have to answer to…to be authentic!

Story One 

FLOATERS Floating!

By Crystal Grace Tornick

Cryst_SF-overlkOcean_2003Once upon a story, there lived a messenger who came to earth to tell good news. She began her sojourn into Finger-Fairy Land one evening. She was possessed with a passion to tell the stories of those who rise-up out of their bodies, and float! She called them “Floaters…and it all began.

She knew a persons’ story doesn’t end at death…but, takes on higher-meaning once they lay their garment of physical-life, down. She wanted to “get it write” and tell this truth…and not merely engage in fantasy. She wanted this truth to resonate with the readers of her story. And for that, she needed characters to spring to life… and the AFTERlife!

She introduced Matilda, first. Matilda was a large, yellow lab who hung around…waiting for her person to arrive. Matilda was excited because she knew her huMAN was getting higher-approval, even now. He would be arriving, shortly! She would be so glad to see him. Her tail did its’ own puppy-dance, anticipating this reunion!

Her man on earth had been a teenager who one day, took-her-in and found he could comfort himself…when he comforted HER! And he became dedicated to her welfare…even consistent in his forthought. He did not go camping at campgrounds that did not offer dog-friendly adventures. Once, he even cried when she was lost to him…but, she knew the longing-of-his-heart…and she limped gingerly, all the way home.

She had been bumped by a car when she got out of the fence, one day…and she was too hurt to walk herself home…until TWO days later. She drank water from a puddle while it rained upon her…and she shivered. But, the sun came out and warmed her fur.

She slept deeply…and awoke with a conviction to take herself home. She was determined to find her way back. Her boy-man cried-out when he saw her at the sliding-glass-door. He rushed out and threw his arms around her delicately, realizing her pain. His warm body was the best thing she had ever felt in her life!

And now, he was arriving to this place where she awaited him! It was a good place, a park like she had known on earth…with other dogs around. It would only be a short time, now! The other dogs here, were friendly…some were even thoughtful. They would ask her to tell about her human she loved on earth…and they would confide some of their own best moments. Those times when kindness came to them.

They only had to “THINK” their stories…to be received. It was easy and life in this park, was good. A game was starting in the fields…where tiny mice scampered to-and-fro…and every one was invited to play “catch-the-mouse”. The mice were spirited and eager to participate. Everyone was having fun!

Some moments passed, and Matilda’s teenager who was coming, did ARRIVE! At first, he did appear old…in his eighties…but soon, he began to SEEM younger. He had arrived LOOKING haggard…but, he FELT so light and frisky! His look changed to become about 30…this teenager who’d lived to become an old man. Now, he looked to be in his prime, again!

Peter! This was Peter who had lived his whole life after Matilda had long since, died. He’d had other dogs but, he never fogot his first love, Matilda. And now, he’d crossed-over into this new place…and Matilda was waiting for him! She had known he would be arriving in mere moments…never feeling the 60-some more years that it took him, to live-out his lifespan.

He saw her leap forward with so much JOY in her eyes! Peter knew immediately, it was Matilda. She blended with his heart and danced in delicious merriment! And then, she fell into his arms in rapturous-splendor. “Peter! My person Peter, is with me again! I knew you would…I knew you would”, she THOUGHT out loud!

Peter caught her words with his heart…and they sat under a tree and drank-in-JOY together.