Directory of topics for non-MD practitioners & American Alliance of Independent Practitioners (AAIP)

by faithgibson on July 7, 2021

This series of posts and links accessing historical and contemporary documents is dedicated to removing the independent practice of professional practitioners from the

Topics that relate to our country’s healthcare system in general; state regulatory boards for healthcare professionals with a majority of citizens appointed and minority of representation of the specific discipline (MD, RN, NP, CNM, LM., etc)

Target topic is to normalize the independent practice of all professional non-MD practitioners in the US, including midwifery, with the independent practice by both nurse-midwives and professionally licensed direct-entry midwives.

AMA & its anti-competitive Scope of Practice Partnership i.e. SOPP
~ 1847 to 2021 ~

Founding of the American Medical Association for ” regular” or “allopathic” Doctors of Medicine. The AMA under reporter and self-schooled homeopathic doctor George Simmons as the AMA’s first secretary and full-time employee 1899-1924:

Topics: Dr. Fischbein

AMA’s House of Delegates (HOD) Resolutions for controlling “Physician Extenders”, which creates an exploitive circumstances that has many of the same similarities as pimps running a prostitution ring in which the women do the work and the men get the money.

SOPP — AMA’s House of Delegates (HOD) resolutions on midwifery, exercising total control over “physician extenders” (more than a dozen professional categories of non-MD practitioners);  its 2020 “victory” letter bragging of its success in making the independent practice of 10 categories of non-MD practitioners illegal in 22 states;

The Wrong Use of Obstetrics
A Work-n-Progress  ~ pardon our dust!






The Historic “Midwife Problem” and contemporary actions efforts by organized medicine to get rid the professional practice of midwifery by LMs and CNM






California Medical Board (MBC) wide spectrum of issues including quarterly Board Meetings, agency’s policies and practices in regard to the normal regulation of licensed midwives (LMs), disciplinary actions taken against LM, etc

Twilight Sleep: Simple Discoveries in Painless Childbirth; 1914 book by Dr. Henry Smith Williams, MD, JD and extremely popular science writer  written in partnership with the famous 20th century obstetricians Dr. J. Whitridge Williams.

Ending the organized exploitation of professional non-MD practitioners  The American Alliance of Independent Practitioners (AAIP)

The Price we Pay — book describing exactly why the American heatlth care system is so broken and what needs to be done to fix it.




(note-2-self — contacts –> Propublica, Sacramento Bee, SF Chron. LA Times, AARP, NOW, Christian Women’s organizations, ANA, ACNM, nurse anesthetists org. MANA,  Lamaze, CIMS, Pharmacists, Physical therapists, Physician Assistants org, optometrists org. podiatrists org., psychologists org, CALM, NursePractitioners org,  chiropractioners org,