Part 4 of 4 ~ An Unconscionable Gender War against the other half of the human species

by faithgibson on May 29, 2023

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Part 4 ~  An unconstitutional gender war against women that can quickly expand its interference to men and boys

The relentless hubris of the male of the species toward women

The U. S. Supreme Court

Men who never have and never will be pregnant, nor ever care for a newborn 24-7 hours a day have deluded themselves in thinking they have a God-given right to control the personal lives of  pregnant women who often were impregnated against their will by men.

Nonetheless, these politically influential men are waging war over the right of the female gender to control what happens to our bodies and inside our bodies. This dramatically affect what happens in our lives, and whether or not we can dependably support, feed, house, socialize and educate our children.

Actual Facts

Imperative: Access to safe and legal abortion services prevents maternal deaths and related tragedies that affect their other children

Link to “Ruthless Rules of Reality – an intergeneral tragedy

Common sense requires unfettered access to the safe, legal and early termination of untenable pregnancies, pregnancies in which the fetus has a fatal birth defect, and when the pregnant woman has a serious medical complication.

If you read the 20th century history of maternal mortality in the US, you will see that records published after 1973 specifically mention a sudden 20% drop in the maternal mortality rate since the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of Roe v. Wade.

That decision by a majority of the justices prohibited states from banning access to safe and legal abortion services before the stage of viability (generally defined as after the 24th week of pregnancy) except when the mother’s life was at risk.

Dobbs is not just about abortion, but about destroying democracy

Dobbs is paving the way for regressive politics that will not be confined just to pregnancy. As interpreted by male-dominated far-right Republican state legislatures, the Dobbs  decision grants constitutional authority to states that allow mainly male legislators to legally decide, control and direct what goes on inside the bodies of adolescent girls and women of childbearing age.

However, this gender-specific premise — that state governments have the lawful right to determine what childbearing women do with their bodies, as well as having control over what happens inside of their bodies — can easily be extended to men and boys. Based on this legal fiction, state governments would be “constitutionally” allowed to control many other aspects of our personal lives for both men and women.

Right now, the gender of the “bodies” identified for the loss of bodily autonomy are all female.

But wait a while and soon it will be babies, school children of both genders and eventually it will include the conduct of adolescent boys and men, especially if they can’t be counted on to vote Republican, or are poor, uneducated, immigrants, non-white, gay, transgender.

The free-for-all fallout from Dobbs could include new state laws that would force everyone to take certain medications — anything drugs companies claim is “good for you” and will make you a better “patriot”.

It also lets state health department bureaucrats and child-protective agencies to force parents to continue giving chemotherapy drugs to their dying child, even though these drugs are ineffective and have horrific side effects that make life into a living hell for dying child and all the rest of the family.

Under this same premise, the state legislature can forbid the use of contraceptives such as birth control pills, condoms and diaphragms by any living in their state.

Constitutionally, they can pass laws that make it a crime to have sex outside of marriage or illegal to marriage to someone of a different ethnicity.

Theoretically, the premise promoted by Dobbs can easily be expanded to require married couples to have unprotected sex at least twice a week by requiring every married couple to wear an electronic bracelet or surgically-implanted electronic pellets to monitor compliances, with criminal penalties for those that don’t procreate like bunnies!

Control by an Orwellian State trumps Democracy

When state and local governments have “constitutional” control over the inside of our bodies, then all those lofty ideas about democracy by Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington go out the window. Freedom of press, freedom of speech, the right to vote, trial by jury, etc, become functionally irrelevant if we are a female and we have an untenable or abnormal pregnancy.

This includes having an ectopic or intra-abdominal pregnancy or fetus with fatal birth defects while living in a state with laws that can legally control what happens inside our uterus.

Much of the public discourse over a pregnant woman’s the right to terminate an early (pre-viable) pregnancy assumes that the “real issue” is moral — that is, lax mortals by loose women who get themselves “knocked up” by not saying “no” when they should have!

From this perspective, unplanned pregnancy is all about women having sex outside of marriage and thus they deserve their “fate” by being forced to carry the baby to term. “They’ll know better next time!” is the reframe.

However that kind of thinking is just plain wrong for many reasons, starting with basic biology. No woman is ever singularly responsible for “getting herself pregnant” because pregnancy does not start with the female of the species!

Not matter how much of a “femme fatale” she may be, there is no way for a woman to get a man’s sperm into her birth canal without the man’s voluntary participation. First he first must be willing to have an erection, and then he must “come” (i.e. ejaculate) into the woman’s birth canal. While human biology allows for a man to rape a woman, it’s impossible for a woman to rape a man, as she would have to force a man to both have an erection and then enter and ejaculate into her birth canal.

Justice Alito, and the rest of the gang of Six, I hope are you all paying close attention! There will be a test.

75 million sperm accompany each ejaculation, while it only take *one* sperm to fertilize the egg

Let’s face it — the “First Cause” of any pregnancy, including conception in laboratory Petri dish, always has been and always will start with a sperm from the male of the species.

The first act in any unplanned or untenable pregnancy is the man or adolescent boy who has chosen to have unprotected sex with a female partner; only later does it becomes apparent that she was fertile on that occasion!

This means that abortion is basically a man‘s (not a woman’s) issue, as he could have chosen to treat his sperm with more care by keeping all 75 million of them to himself.

Justice Alito, and the rest of your gang of Six, are you listening? Did you all flunk biology? Or do you have hidden motives based on person religious beliefs, but aren’t “man enough” to cop to that fact in public?

A majority of non-medical pregnancy terminations are for economic reasons — mothers who can’t work full time and still be home with a newborn and continue to feed and house their families

The vast majority of early-terminated pregnancies — over 60% — are women who already have one or more children. In most of those cases, the issue is economic.  These mothers usually have to work outside of their home in order to fed their families, which is 8 to 10 hours days at a job, as well as mothering, cooking, cleaning, doing the laundry and helping with homework assignments.

Now imagine adding an unplanned pregnancy, “morning sickness” for weeks or even months, giving birth to another child, perhaps by Cesarean surgery, which is how one of every three babies are born in the US. Then you have a newborn to feed and care for round the clock, along with all your other responsibilities.

The take-home message here is not the supposedly “low morals” of the pregnant woman. The morals here lies in the responsibility of the man or adolescent boy. If he doesn’t want to raise a child, or for financial reasons can’t afford to, then he should not ejaculate in the birth canal of a woman, period, end of conversation!

Right and Wrong

It’s not right force women to carry a rapist’s baby for nine months

It’s wrong for a woman who is already working full time, or may have to work two or three jobs in order to pay rent and feed her children, to be also be forced to be pregnant for nine miserable months with a rapist child or one that has a fatal birth defect and will die at birth or soon afterwards.

It’s not right to pass prohibitive and punitive state laws that interject the personal or religious opinions of government officials into the private lives of women in regard to untenable or unviable pregnancies, or in regard to the use of contraceptives by consenting adults.

It’s wrong to make marriage between mixed ethnicities and same-gender couples illegal.

I do not believe that many American, whether they are just “ordinary” citizens or elected or appointed officials, would really want their government to inflect these massive intrusions into their own personal lives or those of their loved ones.

So it all come back to the Golden Ruledon’t do to others what you would not want done to you!   

‘nough said . . .

Link to important and necessary information about that happens when access it denied to women with pregnancy complication — not recommended for anyone who is pregnant or ever planning to have a baby.


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