Records of my work-in-progess writing projects ~ 2024

by faithgibson on June 3, 2024

WORD file on MacAir 2013 –> FolderDktop-Apr-2024 ~ Word file name
<Time & Topic Keeper ~ WORD-docs_chronicle-of-topic_Mar-2-June2024>

This is for me to list all the files I recently have been working on so I finish things before I begin new writing projects

Newest entries at the TOP

Jun 2, 2024 –> Open WORD files, unfortunately have several being worked on at the same time, very confusing !



Prior to Mar 25th several days printing & preparing list of 18+ personal essays on topics relative to my arrest and midwifery-related politics and associated topics and setting up file   <MasterList-4-printd-arrest-relatd-essays_Mar-2024>

March 25, 2024 ~ Beginning @ 11am  (a) check email (b) then work on adding titles to file name <A_Master-List-4-printd-arrest-relatd-essays_Mar-2024>

Phone conversations with Karen Swanson and Ceniza LM about paying $5,000 for 32 hrs of researching and writing of supportive document relative the tragic death of mother and baby; sent text with my mailing address

Finished at 3 pm just in time for phone call from Nicole lasted until 4:30pm. Then worked on finding and logging essay docs until about 7pm, when went to Piazza’s and Subways for celery, radishes and 2 Persian cucumbers.

March 26, 2026  

Plans immediately dashed by multiple phone calls from Godaddy and calls Bluehost and SCURI to see if any way to recover an copy of content for, no go!

Spend afternoon working on email reply to Nicole and now can’t find the document !!!

Watched 3 FBI episodes with Todd before bed and one eposode of Mrs Maiel.

March 27th, morning calls to Holly and Shawn, long text to Nicole and sent her the promised email with AMA HOD “physician extender” resolutions as part of the SOPP   

Extensive time on and numerous calls to Godaddy and Bluehost to get possible restoration of OneTrueThing web site. Also went to Commissary and practiced piano in afternoon and again before bed, watched Chris Hayes repeat at midnight