Videos ~ Instructive Hospital births from YouTube, many are very disturbing

by faithgibson on April 8, 2016

Beware ~ Not suitable for children — includes legal and socially sanctioned violence against women, episiotomies, forceps, C-sections — the world of hurt when it come to inappropriate behaviour by healthcare professionals

These YouTube’ videos demonstrate just how remarkably different surgical delivery is from normal or physiological childbirth and the reality of Cesarean surgery. This is shocking to watch! 

Obstetrically-managed Vaginal Births:

1. Brown Medical School teaching vaginal birth techniques

2. Vaginal birth conducted as a surgical procedure

3. Pushing while flat on back with legs in stirrups, unnecessary episiotomy against labor woman’s wishes

4. El Parto — #1 vaginal del by OB {if you pay close attention you can see the nurse perform fundal pressure (when mother yelps and her feet (which are in stirrups) shoot up in the air) and you can hear baby cry with another few seconds. That is when the nurse removes her arm of the top of the mother’s uterus

5. El Parto #2 vaginal dellivery w/ episiotomy

6. Ob-Gyn delivers his sister (lots of yelling)  

7. Professionally produced collage of several (about 6) pretty disturbing vaginal birth, ending with a Cesarean section. If i were a young woman watching this video, i would certain believe that based on human dignity, struggle and suffering, the elective Cesarean would be a far better choice.

Cesarean Deliveries:

1. Parto Marilia & Julia – extraction of baby