A new website to report obstetrical mistreatment, bullying, other kinds of abuse & medical treatments without informed consent

by faithgibson on November 5, 2018

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Routine restraints used on laboring women who were given Twilight Sleep drugs (morphine & scopolamine). The hood is to reduce stimulation from lights and the patient is put in a special hospital gown with extra-long sleeves sewn together at the cuff to make a long tube. The laboring woman is told to place her arms in the sleeves and then the loose end of the sleeve is pulled up over her head so her arms are restrained behind her back.

If anyone is interested in pursuing what consumers are saying about insensitive, insulting, or bullying by their health care providers,  here is a link to a new website called My OB Said WHAT? 
It is a site where consumers post those insensitive, insulting, annoying, hurtful, or bullying remarks or other statements said to them by a physician, midwife, nurse, lactation consultant, etc., in connection with maternity care services.
On Thursdays they also post nice thoughtful statements, but most of the things posted are just awful and cringe-worthy.  There is a Facebook page also.

It has been online for several years, so there is quite a long reserve of unfortunate remarks built up.  It’s also sort of a blog or message board, so people can comment on remarks that others have posted.

Separately, an international movement has begun, under the White Ribbon Alliance, to end bullying and other disrespectful conduct during labor and delivery.  I’ll forward their website.

Susan M. Jenkins

Legal Counsel

American Association of Birth Centers


The Big Push for Midwives Campaign


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