Video Archive ~ subdirectory to 8 categories of interesting, funny and informative topics

by faithgibson on August 11, 2015

The Huffman Family and midwife attended births of their family of four

Best Video Links – Ted Talks, YouTube, Childbirth U, etc

Seven categories of videos:

1. Big Picture of midwifery politics for California LMs 

Faith Gibson, LM is interviewed by Kathi Valeii (from Birth Anarchist) in a video series posted in 5 parts on the topic of midwifery licensing.  Faith discusses why she thinks licencing is good, that she does NOT think lay midwives should be illegal, and how she believes that both midwives and childbearing families benefit from professional educational program, clinical training and licensing. She also address  how to make mfry licensing work better for both midwives and mothers, and especially, how to keep our licensing lawy from being savaged by those who want to eliminate (or at least disable) the independent practice of mfry and abolish lawful access to planned out-of-hospital (home or birth center) childbirth services

2. Childbirth Politics — funny & serious videos for a general audience

3. Outreach to Ca LMs ~ info on MBC & Midwifery Council meetings, LMAR, educational topics, political activism

4. Healthcare issues — many problems with maternity care and midwifery are systematic 

5. Videos ~ Hospital births from YouTube videos of births — many are very disturbing

6. Non-medicalized, OOH/PHB

1. Birth with original sound track


My final video project for Stanford Continuing Studies
Video Editing Course, Winter 2016