February 2015

Obstetrical Lament #1 in a 5-part series: “can’t get no respect” ~ Negative opinions by the medical profession about obstetrics as told in their own words

by faithgibson February 17, 2015

A five-part series taken from historical records #1. “Can’t get no respect” ~ Negative opinions by the medical profession about obstetrics as told in their own words Modern-day obstetrics enjoys great professional status and public appreciation, as it right fully should. We are all profoundly grateful for the professional abilities that save lives and can dramatically […]

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Man-Midwives ~ The Historical Tension Between Normal Childbirth Practices by Midwives & Obstetrics in the 20th century

by faithgibson February 15, 2015

Faith Gibson, LM, CPM Originally posted on September 4, 2007 This is a cited and cross-referenced account of the development of obstetrics as a new 20th century profession. It describes how doctors distinguished themselves from a four-hundred year history of practicing as “Man-Midwives” by becoming a members of a new discipline that combined the traditional […]

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Dramatic reduction in C-sections result 24-hr hospitalist model of midwifery-obstetrician partnership

by faithgibson February 10, 2015

SAN DIEGO – A shift from a conventional private practice model to a 24-hour obstetrician and midwifery model was associated with a dramatic decrease in the nulliparous term single vertex cesarean delivery rate, and an increase in the vaginal birth after cesarean delivery (VBAC) rate among privately insured women who delivered at a single community […]

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Reconciling the Irreconcilable ~ Learning to love the bomb & embrace ACOG

by faithgibson February 9, 2015

Link to: Twenty-first century maternity care as a cooperative adventure btw medicine and midwifery We need to learn to love our maternity care system, dysfunctional as it seems to us. We need to own it, to think of it as ours, to believe that it can again be based on rational logic and returned to […]

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Killing Them Softly ~ ending hosptial-based nurse-midwifery services & CNM-owned birth centers for fun and profit

by faithgibson February 5, 2015

Goodman / Social Science & Medicine 65 (2007) 610–621 615 Excerpts from: Piercing the veil: The marginalization of midwives in the United States – 2007 By Steffie Goodman Department of Ob Gyn, Division of Reproductive Science, School of Medicine, University of Colorado at Denver and Health Sciences Center, PO Box 6511, Campus Box 8309, 80045 […]

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