May 2019

Reposted from TIME ~ We Don’t Have to Imagine the Consequences of Abortion Bans – Just Look to the Past (TIME ~ May 16th)

by faithgibson May 20, 2019

Easy-to-share link for this post: Link to original TIME article  BY LESLIE J. REAGAN  MAY 16, 2019 On Wednesday, Alabama Governor Kay Ivey signed the nation’s most extreme abortion bill. If it goes into effect, it would ban abortion almost entirely in the state — in every stage of ­pregnancy — and make it a felony […]

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MAYDAY Series: The Me-3 Movement ~ An Action Plan to end use of inappropriate, ineffective & potentially-dangerous obstetrical practices that are current obstetrical standard for healthy women with normal pregnancies (ex. routine use c-EFM; asssc. increased in C-sections, etc)

by faithgibson May 17, 2019

Easy-2-share link to this post: Mayday Series ~ Chapter 5 The Me-3 movement: a new political action platform for dealing with women’s biology and reproductive health issues: Standing on the shoulders of the Me-2 movement to launch Me-3: A contemporary women’s movement specifically related to exposing and combating inappropriate gender-related issues relative to sexual […]

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MAYDAY Series ~ Routine use of EFM as failed public health strategy — Trying to build a better mousetrap instead of building a better foundation

by faithgibson May 14, 2019

Trying to build a better mousetrap instead of building a better foundation During the 1970s, EFM became the de facto standard for obstetrical care in the US and without any scientific foundation, completely replace simple regular auscultation with the near universal use of continuous electronic fetal monitoring. As noted in the many studies quoted above, the universal use […]

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Mayday Series: Invention of electronic automated Fetal Monitors and Displacement of Auscultation

by faithgibson May 11, 2019

Part 2 of previous day’s post on the History of Fetal Monitoring as a Verb: The invention of electronic automated fetal monitors and its displacement of Auscultation With the clarity of hindsight, we now know that just recording the one-minute fetal baseline rate was not sufficient to identify subtle indicators of fetal distress. In the decades before […]

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Mayday! EFM ~The Glue that keeps Hospital Corporations & Obstetrical profession joined at the hip despite the technology’s lack of efficacy & assoc. increase in C-sections

by faithgibson May 9, 2019

Routine EFM, Hospitals economics & the Nancy Reagan “Just Say No” policy of just saying no changing a Standard of Care that is harmful to healthy women with low-risk pregnancies The professional journal publications quoted in this series of posts and many other peer-reviewed articles clearly convey the obvious: The routine use of continuous EFM […]

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