Cesarean Politics

Fatal placental abnormalities: a frequent complication of repeated Cesareans ~ Mother dies after 6th Cesarean birth

by faithgibson May 9, 2013

Warning…Sad story of the death of a mother due to previa and accreta with her sixth C-section delivery. This is not considered a malpractice case because this, previa, accreta and the risk of death are known complications of having had multiple surgical deliveries. One still must ask “Why”? Originally posted by Linda Bennet, retired midwife By Nkoyo […]

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Measures to reduce avoidable obstetrical interventions with low-risk women: INESSS ~ French Quebec publication

by faithgibson April 17, 2013

ETMIS 2012 ; Vol. 8 : N014 September 2012 ~ A production of the Institut National d’Excellence en Santé et en Services Sociaux Promising measures to reduce the use of avoidable obstetrical interventions with low-risk women SUMMARY ~ prepared by Michel Rossignol, Faiza Boughrassa and Jean-Marie Moutquin PROMISING MEASURES TO REDUCE THE — USE OF AVOIDABLE OBSTETRICAL INTERVENTIONS WITH LOW-RISK WOMEN Mandate […]

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Scrippts Media Report: Cesarean NOT safer for healthy women ~ part 2 ~ Commentary and Action Plan

by faithgibson April 3, 2013

Part 2 ~ by FG: Perhaps the most damning and depressing comment about this issues comes from the Medical Leadership Council (an association of US hospitals) which concluded in1996 that the ever-escalating cesarean rate in the US (at that time only 20%) was: “…medicine’s equivalent of the federal budget deficit; long recognized as [an] abstract national problem, yet beyond […]

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Scrippt’s Report: NOT safer for healthy women w/ normal pregnancies to have their baby delivered by Cesarean ~ part 1

by faithgibson April 2, 2013

Cesarean rate is up to one-in-three births, but studies show normal vaginal birth is safer and better for both mothers and babies Excerpts from Scripps Media report –  Posted: 04/01/2013  Most IMPORTANT Information: Strong arguments for encourage vaginal births; national efforts to reduce hospital CS rates: C-sections typically cost about twice as much as a […]

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The straight scope on Cesarean surgery & other interventions as published in Ob.Gyn.News

by faithgibson December 31, 2012

To quote the editor of a well-respected obstetrical textbook (Davis) published in 1966: “There can be no alibi for not knowing what is known.” Doctors are formally educated and well-paid well to know the scientific literature and be aware of the full spectrum of consequences associated with any medical and surgical interventions they recommend or […]

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