Cesarean Politics

Trying to Industrialize Biological Systems ~ part 2

by faithgibson November 14, 2006

Read the New Yorker article first : “THE SCORE – How childbirth went industrial”  Click here for a web link to the original New Yorker article . Published October 09, 2006 Part Two — What happens when you attempt to industrialize our normal biology? The last section of this 3-part essay focused on the industrialization of […]

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What happens when you try to ‘industrialize’ social biological aspects of life – part one of 3-part essay.

by faithgibson November 8, 2006

2006 If you have not read the New Yorker article “THE SCORE – How childbirth went industrial” the following critique will be of limited value. Here is web access to this New Yorker article on the internet. It was originally published October 09, 2006 A brief excerpt from THE SCORE, by Dr Gawande: “The question […]

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My Letter-to-the-editor of New Yorker: The SCORE ~ Industrialization of Childbirth

by faithgibson October 28, 2006

Letter to the Editor  – electronically transmitted  10-09-2006 Web Access to Original Article I am a former labor and delivery room nurse, mother of three and a grandmother. While my ovaries are honorably retired, my daughters are still of childbearing age. My first grandson was a breech baby born by electively scheduled cesarean. My daughter’s […]

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Continuation: my comment on Dr. Gawande’s on New Yorker article ~ Part 2

by faithgibson October 26, 2006

October 2006 ~ Part 2 ~ Continuation of my commentary on the New Yorker article ~ I’m a part-time scholar in the history and politics of midwifery and obstetrics. One of my areas of expertise in obstetrical history is the period from 1820 to 1935. I have a considerable library of classic obstetrical textbooks and […]

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Comments ~ New Yorker Article “THE SCORE: Industrialization of Childbirth” ~ introducing myself

by faithgibson October 24, 2006

2006 About me: I am a mother of three, grandmother of two, former ER and L&D nurse, birth educator, web wife and presently a professional midwife with a small private practice on the San Francisco peninsula. I am also a naturally opinionated person. In particular, I have a lot of opinions about normal birth and […]

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