Henry Ford Hospital trains its doctors to provide empathy along w/ medical therapies – report UpWorthy

by faithgibson January 6, 2017

 Repost from UpWorthy January 6, 2017   By James Gaine Bio of  Dr. Rana Awdish: “I effectively bled to death in my own hospital” ~ Highlight ~ Henry Ford Hospital has embraced culture of empathy. She is now part of the hospital system’s new Department of Physician Communication and Peer Support. Among other things, medical staff at […]

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Midwifery Cost Study (Alberta, Canada) lowered maternity care expense by 1/3 and documented a 4-fold reduction for medical interventions & Cesarean surgery

by faithgibson December 15, 2016

Double-click the graphic to enlarge & read. Click here to download a PDF of it In the Canadian province of Alberta: The single most frequent reason for hospitalization is childbirth.  Cesarean is the most frequent type of surgery. Alberta’s repeat C-section rate is 81% (equals a VBAC rate of 19%).   In Alberta, the average cost of maternity care as […]

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Political controveries btw American Obstetrics, Midwifery & Physiologic Childbirth: Part 1~ for future historicians

by faithgibson October 31, 2016

This material was developed for investigative journalists & future historians Creating a Factual Foundation: To understand normal childbirth, and recognize what circumstances keeps it safe and what makes it dangerous in modern society To acknowledge the original purpose of obstetrics, which was to provide medical treatments and surgical procedures to women with life-threatening complications of […]

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Silent Third Partners: The unacknowledged role of parental decision-making in childbirth outcomes

by faithgibson October 23, 2016

Patient Rights ~ Parental Decision-Making In the long and bitter obstetrical controversy over midwife-attended OOH/PHB, the unacknowledged role of parental decision-making is virtually ignored. It is unacknowledged in studies conducted by the American obstetrical profession. From the standpoint of science, this illogical. In addition, this oversight is detrimental to families and midwives alike.    The […]

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Historical and contemporary comments by physicians about midwives ~ 1820 to 2014

by faithgibson August 8, 2016

This material was first posted in daily segments over the first 12 days of April 2016. However, several readers asked that I post a single link so they can scroll through the chronological comments without having to hunt through many different posts. So here is Part 1: “Historical and contemporary comments by physicians about midwives ~ 1820 […]

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