Historical Childbirth Politics 1820-1980

Obstetrical Lament #1 in a 5-part series: “can’t get no respect” ~ Negative opinions by the medical profession about obstetrics as told in their own words

by faithgibson February 17, 2015

A five-part series taken from historical records #1. “Can’t get no respect” ~ Negative opinions by the medical profession about obstetrics as told in their own words Modern-day obstetrics enjoys great professional status and public appreciation, as it right fully should. We are all profoundly grateful for the professional abilities that save lives and can dramatically […]

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Man-Midwives ~ The Historical Tension Between Normal Childbirth Practices by Midwives & Obstetrics in the 20th century

by faithgibson February 15, 2015

Faith Gibson, LM, CPM Originally posted on September 4, 2007 This is a cited and cross-referenced account of the development of obstetrics as a new 20th century profession. It describes how doctors distinguished themselves from a four-hundred year history of practicing as “Man-Midwives” by becoming a members of a new discipline that combined the traditional […]

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“Transaction of the Edinburgh Obstetrical Society”, 1880 – Physician prejudice & information about women and Menstruation

by faithgibson January 26, 2015

“Transaction of the Edinburgh Obstetrical Society”, Vol. 6, Session 1880-81, Edinburgh: Oliver and Boyn,1881 Unscientific Beliefs by Medical Men about Women and Midwives ~ A discourse on menstruation and the curing of ham and why menstruating women are not fit to perform certain work Ø Dr. Keiller: (discussing puerperal fever) “…he wished to insist on was that […]

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Protected: Commentary ~ SLATE.com article: TWO LIVES ~ The Disturbing & Shameful History of Childbirth Deaths

by faithgibson September 12, 2013

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XXX Links to all chapters of “Twilight Sleep: A Simple Account of New Discoveries in Painless Childbirth” Dr. JWHenry Williams

by faithgibson September 8, 2013

    Hooded & straight-jacketed labor patient medicated with Twilight Sleep drug scopolamine   Written at the request of & in collaboration with Dr. J Whitridge Williams, gynecological surgeon & Chief of Obstetrics, Johns Hopkins, by science writer, Dr Henry Smith Williams, MD Published ~ 1914 Chap 1 ~ Twilight Sleep: A Simple Account of New Discoveries […]

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