Citation Index: OPEM -> Political History of Midwifery: Hundred Years War on Midwives & Normal Childbirth

by faithgibson on March 20, 2018

Citation Key — Historical and Contemporary References

Contributions of Midwives of Antiquity to the Art and Science of Modern Medicine

Comments by Physicians about Midwives and Midwifery – 1911- 1932

Clinical Material — the major motive for the Elimination of Midwives by Medical Politicians

Controversies and resistance by doctors to the Formal Training of Midwives

Deadly Trio — Misogyny, Midwifery & the “Morale” of Medical Doctors

*Derogatory Statement about Midwives by the Medical Establishment 1881 – 1925

Domiciliary Maternity Care — early 1900s — also called “Outdoor Services”
hospital and medical school affiliated, superior safety stats to “in house” services

Economic Issues — Arguments by Physicians against Independent Midwives

Historical Methods of Accountability for Midwives by Health Department Official VS. Mandatory Supervision of Midwives by Doctors

The Use of the Law and Licensing* to Pursue an Anti-Midwife Agenda

Nursing, Midwifery and the Medical Profession 1911 through 1922

Tension and Controversies Surrounding Physician Education and its relationship with the establishment of Training Schools for Midwives

*Propaganda Campaign against Midwives — the Department of Dirty Tricks

Professional Aspirations and the Irrational Rationales of Medical Men

*Statistical Comparison of Birth Attendants (Physician and Midwife) and
the Validation of the Midwifery Model of Care