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by faithgibson on February 5, 2023

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TOPIC-4_Page 13_The Big Reveal ~ Motives hidden beneath claims that more obstetrical interventions make childbirth safer for healthy childbearing women

This bring us back to the question I first started asking when I saw the drastic contrast between the non-interventive practices associated with childbirth of black mothers on 1 South, compared to “business as usual” obstetrical interventions used on white mothers admitted to 5 North. I have devoted enormous quantiles of time and resources to the quest for answers – more than 30 years of studying and researching the motivations of the American obstetrical profession, both historically and in contemporary times, and making this information publicly available on my websites.  Luckily, I live with near Stanford University, and until recently, had free access to their medical school library.

My years of research leave me with the dubious distinction of having become an idiot savant in regard to safe childbirth practices for healthy childbearing women and the dysfunctional obstetrical system in the US, which long ago institutionalized the “wrong use” of obstetrical interventions as the legally-binding “standard of care” for obstetricians practicing in the United States.

Unfortunately, the information I uncovered was even more disturbing, and its negative effects even more far-reaching, than the original issue I was trying to understand – why the American obstetrical profession treated two biologically-identical groups of healthy childbearing women in such a starkly different manner.




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