Faith Gibson Interviews – Childbirth in the Dark Ages of the Deep South 1960s ~ Part 1, The White Ward Part 2, The Black Ward

by faithgibson on March 31, 2016

in Contemporary Childbirth Politics, Historical Childbirth Politics 1820-1980

The following interview was taped April 2011 in North Carolina by birth activist Kirst Kreutzer. and founding member of the “Where’s My Midwife” birth activist movement and producer of flash-mob “push-in” in a public park, and Midwives’ Dinner videos

Midwife and activist Faith Gibson discusses her experiences as a labor and delivery nurse in a segregated hospital in Orland, Florida in the 1960s.

These two video segment focuses on Twilight Sleep and the type of delivery women had in the all white ward on 5 North and the segregated black ward on 1 South at Orange Memorial Hospital (now called Orlando Regional).

Part 1 ~ The White Ward – Orlando, Fla ~ 1960s

Part 2 ~ The Black Ward ~ Orlando, Fla ~ 1960s

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