Faith’s Video Essays

by faithgibson on April 8, 2016

1.  Study in Black and White — obstetrical apartheid, circa 1960’s

The following 2-part interview was taped April 2011 in North Carolina by birth activist Kirst Kreutzer, who is a founding member of the birth activist movement:”Where’s My Midwife?

Kirst was also the video producer for a flash-mob “push-in” in a public park in Wilmington, NC, and Midwives’ Dinner videos

Activist and community-based midwife Faith Gibson discusses her obstetrical clinical training as a nursing student, and after graduation, as a labor and delivery nurse in a segregated hospital in Orland, Florida in the 1960s. These two videos segment focuses on Twilight Sleep and the type of delivery women had in the all white ward on 5 North and the segregated black ward on 1 South at Orange Memorial Hospital (now called Orlando Regional).

Part A ~ The White Ward – Orlando, Fla ~ the 1960s

Part B ~ The Black Ward ~ Orlando, Fla ~ 1960s

2. Conversation with Kathy Valeii, July 2013 ~Five-part dialogue btw myself and a well-known birth activist on the pros & cons of professionalizing/licensing traditional (i.e. non-medical or ‘direct-entry’) midwifery. Does licensing makes things better or worse for mothers or midwives?

Kathi Valeii  is the owns the “Birth Anarchy” website & blog. She lives in Kalamazoo, Michigan with her husband and three children. She provides labor support for home and hospital births and has had midwife-attended home births.

During my week-long visit with her and her family in August of 2013, Kathi and I spent hours discussing the pros and cons of midwifery licensing — was it good or bad, did it represent a “cop out” as professionally licensed midwives sell-out childbearing families in return for social status and economic stability? Is there such a thing as a “good” licensing law in the US?

There is a lot to say, so  you’ll just have to watch to find out what i think and why.

Part 1 ~ Length: 7 min, 40 seconds 

Part 2 ~ 29 mins

Part 3 ~ 7 mins

 Part 4 ~ 18 mins, 34 seconds

Part 5 ~ 2 min 13 ” (ends abruptly when camera battery dies)