Five-part historical series on the new American speciality of obstetrics & gynecology ~ 1900 to 1950s

by faithgibson on April 9, 2017

in Historical Childbirth Politics 1820-1980, OB Interventions: Dubious or Detrimental

This post includes links to 5 documents with historical quotes on different topics by obstetricians and professional journals during the first half of the 20th century (1900-1950s).

These sources are describing the political and public relations campaign by obstetrical profession starting in 1910 to eliminate the practice of midwifery, and replace physiologic childbirth practices traditionally used by midwives and make hospital-based obstetrics the standard of care in the US for healthy women with normal pregnancies.

1. Hx-Am-obstetrics-1_OBs-complain-not-respected-by-other-doctors_2010






2. HxOB_#2_Iatogenic-mortality-4-mothers-babies_2010  


3. HxOB_#3_Mfry-&-physiologic-practices_2010

4. HxOB_#4_med-ed-&-clinical-train_2010

Note to birth educators and birth attendants — this photo, which demonstrates the angle of “pull” the physician must use  (upward, toward the ceiling), extract the baby from the mother’s birth canal, is Curve of Carus



















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