Merchants of Medicine — voice to text — origins AMA + Geo. Simmons background, lots more

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Merchants of medicine (from U life is their toy) begin 215 by Dr Josephson, MD copyrighted 1940

Chapter 1 merchants in medicine

Origins of the American medical Association and its financial sources — mandatory membership with hefy dues and advertising revenue from JAMA & publication of a dozen speciality professional journal   of its it advert

An advertising quack was the leader of the American medical profession and the boss of the American medical Association during the last four decades. But this would not surprised informed person; for the commercialism of leaders of medicine is one of the oldest traditions in this country.

Citation of a 1639 law in Virginia reenacted in 1646 trying to prevent the quote in moderate and excessive rates and prices extracted by practitioners in physics and surgery and complaints made to the assembly of bad consequences there of.

The entire history of medicine in this country was a commercial war upon competitors by these medical bosses, who termed themselves regular practitioners. Looking backward, we now realize that many of these medical merchants were no less quacks then were some of the groups that they presume to attack and persecute and sought to drive out.

Much of their excepted practices we now know war rank murder. Among these murderous practices were copious bleeding and medication‘s with large doses of Tartar emetic. The short expectancy of life in those days with STEWARD no small measure to the medical practices of the regulars. George Washington, for instance, because he had Quincy, was bled to death by a “regular” doctor.

At least one school of practitioners of the time, the homeopath, who the regular sought to bar from practice, represented a distinct advance. Their small doses did not poison patients as did the Copious doses of the regulars.

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American medical Association formed

The medical merchants resolve to retain their monopoly of medical practice into bar competition by flaunting and circumventing the law through a monopoly of medical education. It was for this purpose of the American medical Association was organized on May 11, 1846 at a convention of the discredited state medical societies held in New York City. Dr. Nathaniel Smith Davis of New York City was the moving spirit of the association; and in later years he became the first editor of it of his journal i.e. the Journal of the American medical Association or JAMA

The objective for which the American medical Association was founded, a monopoly of medical practice in medical education was not obtained under the regime of Dr. Davis. He left the cunning, the ruthlessness and the unscrupulous nurse requisite for the task. During his regime the organization remained a loose Assembly a State societies all jealous of one another the membership represented medical schools that were competing bitterly for business and destroying the very monopoly of medical practice which they sought. Amidst the dissension, new medical schools were cropping up daily, and the competition became more highly intensified than ever. Even powerful medical bosses could hardly get together enough students to make a decent living.

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“Doc” George H. Simmons, Quack

“Doc“ George H Simmons emerged on the scene in 1899, a monumental figure in the field of medical quackery and racketeering. He openly ruled the American Medical Association during the next 25 years and obtained the objectives for which it was founded.

Immigrating from England in 1870, he promptly entered the newspaper field, becoming the editor of the Nebraska Farmer, associate editor of the Nebraska State Journal, and field correspondent for the Kansas City journal.

He was an unscrupulous but astute politician. Impelled by the get-rich-quick spirit, Simmons left the field of journalism in 1884 and launched on a career of medical quackery in Lincoln Nebraska. One advertisement for his medical services published in the Lincoln, Nebraska newspaper, his name and credentials appeared in very large font that read:

Doctor G. H. Simmons, Homeopath, Physician and Surgeon

In another advertisement in the Lincoln Nebraska newspaper, sandwiched  between an add for “Ridge’s Foods” as best choice for those who have a baby and another announcing “Divorces — A.Goodrich, Attorney-at-Law” is one that read:

G.H. Simmons, M.D.

Devotes special attention to the Diseases of Women

Have spent a year and half in the largest hospitals of London and Vienna,
and hold a diplomas as a Licentiate of Gynecology and Obstetrics from Rotunda Hospitals Dublin, Ireland

Treats all Medical & Surgical Diseases of Women

A limited number of lady patients
can be Accommodated at my residence.

Office 1105 O Street
Residence 1310 O Street
Telephones 561 and 237
Lincoln, Nebraska

During those days, the sentence: “a limited number of lady patients can be accommodated at my residence“ was the form of announcement used by abortionists.

However, there is no evidence that “Doc” Simmons ever had any medical education or any formal education. But this did not deter him from making conflicting claims to education in existing and non-existing institutions in quack advertisements of his professional talents in the Lincoln newspaper.

In some of his advertisements he called himself a homeopath. In others he announced himself to be a “Licentiate of the Rotunda Hospital of Dublin“ though unfortunately for his claims, the hospital never issued any licenses. Later in life, Simmons claimed to attend the Tabor College, Iowa and the University of Nebraska, claims equally questionable.

In short, without any authenticated medical education, “Doc” Simmons launched into the business as an advertising quack. Even for those rough and tumble days of medical racketeering, his newspaper advertisements were most Lord. He declared himself as a universal specialist in diseases of men women and children. Boldly he announced “a limited number of lady patients can be accommodated at my residence“, which in those days was the form of announcement of abortionists. In addition to his personal advertising, “doctor“ Simon‘s name was also carried by the newspaper advertisements of a beauty and massage parlor and of a fraudulent sanitarium the Lincoln Institute.

By the road Royal Road of quackery and worse, dark Simmons rapidly rose to wealth and influence. His political activity soon game for him the position of secretary of the Nebraska state medical society end of the western surgical and gynecological society. He put to use his experience in journalism and found it and became the editor of the western medical review.

After rising to a measure of eminence as a medical merchant in Kwak, doc Simmons decided, with an eye to scale in further heights that the time was right for him to secure a medical degree. He got his only authentic degree from one of the mini diploma meals which sold them to the males. While he was practicing in Lincoln Nebraska, the ubiquitous doctor was registered as a medical student many hundreds of miles away at the rush Medical College in Chicago. The prescriptions and birth certificates which he wrote almost daily in Lincoln Nebraska, indicated he was engaged in a very active practice while supposed to be attending courses at Russian Medical College. Evidently, he had no difficulty in being two places at the same time!

In his position as officer of the Nebraska state medical society Simon shrewdly played the game of politics in the badly disorganized parent organization, the American medical Association.

Doc Simon says control of the AMA.

In 1899 he sees control of the Moreland American medical Association. He had him self appointed organizer and under took to build up the membership. He was also appointed secretary of the association in editor of its journal. In 1901, at the Saint Paul convention, the association was officially re-organized and Simmons grab for himself in addition to his other jobs the position of general manager of the associate.

Dark Simon surround himself with a crew of unscrupulous as unscrupulous as himself. One of his most trusted lieutenants was a secretary of the Kentucky state board of health, who at one time had been arrested for a shortage of over $62,000 in his account. He did not even bother to deny the criminal charges, but came to court armed with the governors pardon.

The boss of the AMI had been well schooled in the game of politics. With their aid, Simmons promptly went about the task of making the American medical Association take him and his gang higher returns then had the quack an abortion business of the Lincoln Institute. As spokesman of the official organization of the medical profession, Simmons game complete control of immensely rich and almost virgin fields for exploitation. No more perfect combination can be conceived then the genius of an unscrupulous quack and the complete control of organized medicine to ensure a high Lee profitable enterprise.

The tactics by which the medical records were built up are related in the following chapters. They include sham representative government, stuffed ballot boxes in all three varieties of fraud and illegality, organizational steamroller, intimidations, libel, slander, strong-arm tactics, suppression of freedom of speech and publication, destruction of competing organizations with extortion and blackmail, won them a strange hold on the drug and related industries. They also included alliances with more unscrupulous in danger of dangerous political and social forces that could not be mastered censorship of the press, and every type of villainy that could conceivably further their site objectives

“Code of ethics“ dictated by a quack

In this manner medical racketeers once again attain the objectives gained and lost in the force first quarter of the 19th century that of an absolute control of the medical business. It is the ironic to consider that an unregenerate quack who dictated the “code of ethics“ which the member physicians of the AMA except. It’s origin give some insight into his commercial character. Under the regime of Simmons and his henchmen the American medical Association utilized the control of the press, which it gained, to dispense the mail order mail order of its origin. Simmons resigned as as editor in 1924, and became editor Americus and general manager, where he remained until his death in 1937, the man behind the throne. He appointed in His place Doctor Morris Fishbein FISHPEIN, to perpetuate the regime.

Fishman prove them self a worthy successor with Simmons lurking behind him he carried the association to new heights of quackery and end of power and dominion over the medical profession medical education the press the drug and the allied interests.

US Senate exposes Simmons quackery

It is an interesting commentary on the principles which guide medical politicians that so long as Dr. Simmons lived, his henchmen stood ready to defend him to the last ditch. Thus during the investigation of the administration of the federal food and drug act by the US Senate Senate committee on agriculture and forestry, during the 70/71 Congress in 1930: West Rose bravely to defend his chief Simmons Dash hearings page 292 to 95:

Senator Wheeler speaking:

“ I have just been handed by a gentleman over here and article appearing in one of the state journals:

How to enlarge your practice George H Simmons, MD editor Americas of the Journal of the AMA reprinted from the Lincoln Nebraska State Journal writers foods non-genuine without Woolwich and Company on the label GH Simmons MD Dr. West what is the date of that senator may I ask Senator WHEELER I could not say Dr. West what is there to do with this particular matter? Dr. WHEELER I was just wondering if that was an advertisement that the council would approve of

Senator Copeland is that Dr. Simmons who is formally the editor of the Journal of the medical Association,

Dr. West I don’t know who he is. I have never seen it.

Senator WHEELER he says he was formally editor of the AMA journal and now is editor emeritus of the journal.

Senator Copeland this I take it was one of the indiscretions of his youth.

Senator WHEELER I do not understand.

Dr. West Mr. Chairman this is exactly in line with the maneuver set of been carried out with regard to other matters. This is an advertisement which I think Dash I cannot tell you definitely appear probably 30 to 40 years ago and perhaps considerably beyond that time, even longer before Dr. GH Simmons had any connection whatsoever with the medical Association

Dr. Wheeler is he the same man

Dr. West I think he is

Senator Wheeler the same man who is the editor of the Journal of the AMA,

Dr. West in later years

Senator WHEELER he is the same man who is now editor Americas of the of the Journal of the AMA,

Dr. West yes sir

Senator WHEELER… It was put here for the purpose of calling your attention to the fact that the man who is the head of the American Association the American medical Association journal, and who objects to all advertisements “himself and advertising dr… The point I’m making here is it here’s a man who was what you would call in advertising to faker in connection with women’s diseases, who afterwards became so rigid about advertisements going into the journal.

Dr. West no senator I do not see that.

Dr. Senator Wheeler the medical profession generally calls his doctors who advertise that they are specialist on men’s diseases and women’s diseases advertising fakers does it not,

I’m going to ask that that be inserted into the record.

Senator Copeland both sides?

Senator WHEELER I have not seen the other side here is the other side of it which had not been called my attention.

“Lincoln medical institute in water cure. Turkish Russian, vapors electric, and medicated baths. End of quote

Senator Copeland senator really this has no bearing on the case has it?

Senator WHEELER except for the fact that the very man I assume who is now denouncing all these fake medical institutes and gonorrhea cures, and so forth was formally in the very business himself apparently. I’m glad to know that he has performed however according to the doctor

Dr. Wheeler you do not permit advertisements of the character of out of Dr. Simmons to appear in the medical journal do you?

Dr. West no we do not permit any such advertisements of the character of out of Dr. Simmons to appear in the medical journal do you. Dr. West no we do not permit any such advertisements and if any doctor were to advertise in that manner today we were supposed expose it and condemn it.

Senator WHEELER you would not permit him as a matter fact to belong to the medical Association would you,

Dr. West no sir

Dr. Wheeler is it that is correct is it

Dr. West yes sir. A man who

advertise in that manner today, would have charges preferred against him.

Senator wheeler: And he have been thrown out of the Medical Association.

Advertisement #1 in the Lincoln Nebraska news paper between an by Ridge’s food as best choice for those who have a baby and “Divorces — A.Goodrich, attorney at Law

G.H. Simmons, M.D.


Devotes special attention to the Diseases of Women

Have spent a year and Hal’s in the largest hospitals of London and Vianna, and hold a disciplines as Licentiate of Gynecology and Obstetrics from Rotunda Hospitals Dublin, Ireland

Treats all Medical & Surgical Diseases of Women

A limited number of lady patients can be Accommodated at my residence.

Office 1105 O Street

Residence 1310 O Street

Telephones ☎️ 561 and 237

Lincoln, Nebraska

Ad # 2

Lincoln medical institute and water cure

Turkish, Bunnlaw, Vapor, Electric, and Medicated Baths.

Massage and movement cure.

Compound oxygen.

Trained nurses

Special attention to diseases of the eye, ear, throat lungs and skin. Diseases of women. Surgery in all it’s forms,

Accommodations of persons injured by accident.

Pleasant rooms and home comforts

Medial Staff

M. H. Garten, B.S. M. D. Diseases of the eye, ear, throat and chest.

G. H. Simmons, hi M, M, D, diseases of the skin, gentle urinary organs and gynecology

J. Eat. Reid REE ID. MD, diseases of women and the nervous system. All non-contagious diseases admitted for information addresses medical Institute, Lincoln Nebraska

Very very large type

Doctor. G. H. Simmons, homeo pathic

Physician and surgeon

Office over Harleys drugstore 10:50 AM 2 to 4 PM

telephone 285

Office and Residence

Medical Institute,

Corner of K and 12th

Telephone 287